Preventable or Not? Doe’s burger delivery not well done

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John Doe was waiting to be unloaded when a pickup roared around the corner of the restaurant and smashed into his trailer’s ICC bar. Was this a preventable accident?

After a tasty breakfast of Navajo Tacos at the West Winds Truck Stop in Green River, Utah, trucker John Doe continued his run to locally-famed Cowboy Bill’s All-Beef Burgers to deliver some shrinkwrapped cartons of soybean meal. Later, arriving at the burger joint, Doe pulled into the drive-through area adjacent to the service door and liberally sprinkled the area with bright orange traffic cones, just in case a blind and demented four-wheeler failed to see his huge long-nosed fire-engine-red Class 8 tractor and sparkling new trailer.

While waiting to be unloaded, Doe updated his apps, simultaneously sucking a celery stick to improve his concentra … BLAM!! A mild tremor had rippled through Doe’s cab. What the blazes? Swallowing his celery in one convulsive gulp, Doe popped out of the cab and saw that Matilda “Missy” Hornswaggle’s rust-riddled Chevy pickup had roared around the corner and introduced itself – rather violently – to his trailer’s candy-striped ICC bar!

Hornswaggle, wiping large amounts of Cowboy Bill’s Famous Ropin’ Sauce and burger fragments from her face, immediately accused Doe of backing into her vehicle. A nifty trick, Doe mused, considering Hornswaggle had run over some of his cones in the course of attacking his trailer!

Because Doe contested the preventable-accident warning letter from his safety director – who claimed that all professional drivers should be psychic – the National Safety Council’s Accident Review Committee was asked to render a final decision. NSC quickly ruled in Doe’s favor, noting that he had no control over maniacal Missy.

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When thinking out how some of these accidents are ruled by safety directors as preventable, I imagine some of the time it is a company looking to document an excuse to terminate a driver for cause.  There may be other, hidden reasons this happens that have no bearing on the facts.  There is no other justifications for some of these safety directors decisions.

nick Justice
nick Justice

Its funny how other idiots approach the safety job. As a retired police officer, accident investigator turned safety officer I guess I cant understand how other directors can make such foolish mistakes.

David McQueen
David McQueen

These stories about Doe and his accidents are all hypothetical.  None are intended to represent actual crashes.

mitchell moore
mitchell moore 1 Like

Safety professionals that are truly driver friendly and supportive of the members within their fleets continue to face the negative perception that many in this industry have as a result of the narrow minded thinking as typified by this Safety Director. Unless this truck was improperly or illegally parked, where is the basis for this narrow minded and goofy decision?? 

wolfe69 1 Like

That safety director obviously needs to refresh his training on preventable vs. non-preventable accidents.  It could have been prevented if the driver had shown up late for his delivery, or not shown up at all for that matter.

Hank H
Hank H 1 Like


john3347 1 Like

This illustration is a poor example.  The safety director is in poor observation of the circumstances.   The truck driver had even put out a set of safety cones.  This proves that he was parked, not moving in reverse.  The hypothetical company involved here seriously needs a new safety director.

Paul L
Paul L 1 Like

Time to drug test that Safety Director for issuing a preventable warning letter.  Not much controversy in this one. 

David McQueen
David McQueen

Missy's Chevrolet was unnaturally attracted by the striping exhibited on Doe's ICC bumper and therefore, the trailer was asking for it.  if Doe's ICC bar hadn't exhibited such alluring striping, the Chevrolet wouldn't have tried to mate with it.  Obviously, a preventable accident.


Under Illinois Insurance rulings, If the Truck had not been there, Missy never would have hit it.  Therefore the truck is partially to blame.  If the truck was partialy to blame than it follopws that that portion should have been preventable.  the question come down to how could it be prevented,  the most logical conclusion is the restaurant will have to grow and process its own soy beam meal so a truck doesn't need to be there.  Or tear down the restaurant, build the new one underground, and let the truck dump the food products underground from the empty parking lot.

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