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DPF maker goes out of business after causing two forest fires

After reportedly being the source of two fires — one a major forest fire in September in Washington state and the other a three-acre brush fire — diesel particulate filter manufacturer Cleaire Advanced Emissions Controls has closed its operation and is no longer open for business, according to an announcement form the California Air Resources Board. 

CARB says the company ceased operations Jan. 18 and, in the announcement, reaches out to fleets and truck owners whose warranties may be affected by the situation and saying they will not be penalized for missing CARB regulation deadlines on account of Cleaire. CARB says it is working with distributors and installers to try to find alternative compliance options if replacement parts are not available and is directing truck owners to its website for more information and guidance

According to reports, CARB and Cleaire have worked together much in the past. 

Sparks from Cleaire’s filters are being blamed for causing both of the aforementioned fires. The first did roughly $5.2 million in damages and destroyed 3,600 acres of forest and 100 structures, driving hundreds of Washington residents from their homes. 



Gordon A
Gordon A

Ever notice the smoke from a train engine trying pull 100+ cars from a dead stop.? I have little use for Ca and try my hardest not to go there. I agree that CARB should be held accountable for any fire  or accident  due to their demands  products they endorse be used  with threat of large penalties  if not used. The only way CA will get the message is for drivers to not go there. 80 % of the reefer business  is O/O's but they are so close to loosing their trucks they won't shut down for 5 days.  Trucking is no longer fun. The Knights of the road are a dying breed and soon a lost memory.


CARB should also be held accountable! It's their VOODOO science that has everyone believing the west coast air is cleaner. They in no way accounted for these two mishaps (and I'm sure there are many others nationwide) that likely negated all positive benefit from these "cleaning" after-treatments that they mandated for most every truck and bus on their roads. Let's not even mention the extra pollution emitted to obtain and ship the extra fuel having to be used to make these things work; nor the pollution emitted in the manufacture and installation of these devices. Don't get me wrong, I'm for doing my part in helping to make this world a better place for our children. However, CARB and the EPA really aren't about a cleaner environment. They are in the business of appeasing ignorant, but powerful, environmental activism at the lowest cost. Singling out one mode of the transportation industry to be the "whipping boy" has only served to mask much larger issues and realizes their purpose by putting the burden on the backs of professionals our society labels as a fourth class of citizens.