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Driver turnover remains above 100 percent

For the second month in a row, driver turnover at truckload fleets reporting more than $30 million in annual revenue was above 100 percent, said the American Trucking Associations’ Trucking Activity Report. 

The number did drop two percentage points — from 106 percent to 104 percent — marking the first time since the fourth quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008 that turnover has remained above 100 percent for two consecutive months. 

Moreover, turnover at smaller fleets jumped to a near-six-year high, ATA says, to 94 percent – the highest since the first quarter of 2007. 

“Increasing competition for quality drivers, coupled with gradual, albiet choppy, growth in demand for trucking services continues to put pressure on the driver market,” says ATA’s Bob Costello. “These numbers continue to reflect a tight driver market and an actual shortage for drivers.” 

Gordon A
Gordon A

Driver turnover.

You can reduce it but you can't eliminate it. 

Some turnover is due to retirement or health issues and simply drivers that want to seek other avenues of employment..

The highest rate of turnover in my opinion is drivers leaving a due to not being happy . Low pay , no or little  respect, no time home as promised. and poorly  maintained equipment,  What do carriers need to do to reduce turnover?

Not too difficult to do a few things.

One. Demand better qualified drivers from   truck driving schools.

TWO . It is alright to have company uniforms. UPS does it, WAL-Mart does it and a few other carriers do it and they have low turnover.

Three. Treat your drivers like they are people not slaves. Treat them like they are family men and women. Many drivers are mothers and fathers that are trying to support their families.

If the carriers are not concerned  about the life of their drivers they will have a very high turnover rate and wonder why.     It cost  thousands of dollars to replace a driver  due to among other things , drug testing, transportation, personnel for orientation, motels, and training .

Trucking company managers, HR people and safety management. Require your drivers to be neat when at  your customers and in your truck . They represent your company.  It is not just the name on the door.They are your in person salesmen and  women. Pants with the knees out, suggestive T shirts and just plain dirty is not the way to endear your customer to your company.. A dress code is not hard to implement. Drivers that refuse to go for the dress code you don't really need..

Maintain your equipment and cut corners elsewhere like your company car and credit cards for half of the office staff.

I see far too many company trucks with bald tires on the cab and trailer. Wouldn't pass an inspection anywhere. Is it cheaper to put your driver and your company at risk having the driver travel another 500 miles with your fingers crossed so your shop can install the tires to save a few dollars or spend the money on the road and be safe? The law suits resulting from an accident  as a result of poor maintenance can  put you out of business. Why do you risk it.? Is that driver  driving your unsafe piece of equipment a good driver or just a means to an end for you.?

When a someone is looking for a company to drive for and sees your junk  going down the road or in a Truck Stop you just lost a good safe driver..

It is not the drivers that are the reason for the turnover rate alone.