E-log mandate, driver database rules expected this month, per DOT report

eobrA proposed rule mandating the use of electronic logging devices is expected to be published in the Federal Register Jan. 29, according to a monthly Department of Transportation report, which says the rule is projected to clear the White House’s Office of Management and Budget Jan. 17.

The report also says the rule will have a 60-day comment period that will last until April 1.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule is also set to clear the OMB Jan. 17, and the DOT report projects that the rule will be published in the Federal Register Jan. 31.

The rule will establish a database of drivers who have failed or refused drug or alcohol tests, and carriers will be required to submit failed or refused tests to the database. Carriers also will be required to query the database when hiring drivers.

The electronic logging device (formerly known as electronic onboard recorders) rule will not only mandate the use of e-logs but will set device standards and address driver harassment relative to e-log use.

In its monthly update in December, FMCSA projected the rule would be published Dec. 23.

Also in the report was an update on the agency’s Safety Fitness Determination rule, which is now projected to be published Aug. 4, with a projected OMB clearance of July 24.

The rule would change the data set and methodology FMCSA uses to produce an overall safety score for a carrier. Now, it uses only data from compliance reviews, whereas the rule would allow the agency to use data from its BASIC scores in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability system; roadside inspections; and crash data.

A rule complementing the e-log mandate — designed to prevent the coercion of drivers to drive in violation of safety rules by carriers, shippers, receivers or other intermediaries — is projected to clear the OMB April 14 and be published in the Federal Register on April 23.

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Trucking School 57
Trucking School 57

Sterlymotor - problem is finding someone that cares and they only care if they have their own best interstests in mind. Print out your comment here and sign it and send a copy to your representative, both your senators, and the dept. of Transportation and tell all of them with a handwritten line that you vote and your employees vote too. I've talked to Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood when he was our local representative her in the Peoria IL area and also to his successor, Rep. Schock and they both told me and my group of job placement counselors the same thing. Send the letters to them. They come first. Petitions come last and form letters close to last. If you stand up with them to be counted they will listen to you and especially if there are others that write with the same concerns and don't use a form letter. Do they know what goes on in your shop? Of course not. One of the things that comes to mind quickly with me was the assault weapons ban. Because a ww2 bolt action rifle had a bayonet lug on it, it was therefore deemed an assault weapon. How many people do you think were bayoneted with ww2 bolt action rifles in the last 30 years. Yeah. The people that write the laws don't know what they are doing but they are supposed to hold the open meetings whereby people can come and explain things to them. The problem with that is that maybe a large company like TMC or Schneider can send someone, but you can't afford to leave your business and pack up for a week in D.C. so you don't get heard and neither do the other small businessmen in this country that keep the country going. All we have is the letter and maybe a personal trip down to their office. If I had a dislocated worker come in to my old office (workforce office) that I didn't serve for whatever reason and they marched down to their congressman, I got a phone call asking me why I didn't serve their good constituent so-and-so. I'm lucky it was always because of the laws they made and I was following so my response would always be - this is what they wanted. you change the law and I'll serve them.  So - people get heard that Squeak. Guess small businessmen have to go against character and learn to be loud squeakers. It shouldn't have to be that way but unfortunately what we want and what is true are two different things.



When I look back through the article, I see dates that are in July, August, & December.  Is this going to be another year in the he said-she said mode?  When do I start to be concerned about putting all of this technology in my 3-2002, my 2-2006, & my 1 2008 tractors?  I can't just snap my fingers & make it install itself.  My Pop had trucks from 1954 until he died in 2012.  Since the early 90's I have operated the same company & I have been around it my entire life.  From a high in 1977 of 50 trucks to 6 right now, I have seen the good times & the tough times.  I certainly would welcome Ms. Ferro to spend a week with me.  In the truck and in my office.  I'll wake her up at 4am to come into the yard and get a trailer out of the shop, that sat inside out of the weather over the weekend, so the driver can deliver it 50 miles away by 6am.  Then she can stay here with me until 7pm, when the last guy gets back from a trip, so I can put another trailer inside that a driver, close on his hours, doesn't have to spend 2 hours tarping.  She can sit at a desk next to me as I figure out how to make it all work, within the rules that her agency has come up with in the past five years. After that week perhaps she can see, first hand, the amount of work involved in running a small trucking company with all of the rules & restrictions that we have to deal with in today's business climate.  How changing the rules, just because they can, makes a trucker's life miserable.  I'm not ashamed of being a small business owner, but I'm tied of someone that has NO IDEA what they are talking about makes rules.  WS


sleepy head
sleepy head

How much does the e-log devices cost

brandin smith
brandin smith

 @sleepy head the E-Log services run as low as $15 per month with an average price around $40.  The ELD hardware is anywhere from Free with a contract to $2000.  uDrove by Internet Truckstop is $100 for a simple plug-in hardware and $39.95 per month.  Call Myles at 800-203-2540 ext: 6243 with questions.  He set me up and did all the training.  

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