eNow brings solar solutions to trucking

At a press conference today at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, eNow — a company that provides energy solutions for transportation — showed its new TS-series solar power management system.

As concept, the idea it pretty simple: durable solar panel strips are mounted on trailer rooftops to supply addition electrical power to the rig. Moreover, a highly sophisticated energy management system routes energy from a variety of sources, including solar, shore power, regenerative braking, alternators and other sources, and supplies it on a smart, sustainable way to insure ample, on-demand power for liftgates, APUs, sleeper hotel loads, air compressors, reefers or virtually any electrically-powered system on a tractor-trailer. (Note, currently the system is limited to use on tractor-trailers only due the mandatory amount of roof space needed for solar panel placement.)

Currently, eNow estimates fleets can install the TS-Series for under $10,000 while taking advantage of a 30 percent federal tax rebate for adopting advanced, Green energy technology. The company predicts ROI in about 2 years and claims between $8,500 and $10,000 a year in fuel savings per vehicle based on real-world tests done moving van applications.

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