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Examiner who allegedly issued 6,600 fraudulent medical certs pleads not guilty

A Georgia-based medical examiner who’s been accused by authorities of issuing thousands of fraudulent medical certifications to truck drivers has been indicted and has pleaded not guilty of the charges brought against him.

Dr. Anthony Lefteris, who operated out of an Atlanta Petro truck stop, entered a plea of not guilty on Dec. 28. He was indicted Dec. 20 by a grand jury on eight counts of fraud and false entry charges. Prosecutors claim Lefteris intentionally and regularly issued medical certificates to drivers without performing required tests, such as blood and urine sample testing, vision tests and more.

Med examiner who cleared thousands of truckers charged with issuing fake certifications

Dr. Anthony Lefteris, who operated out of an Atlanta-area Petro truck stop, could have issued certifications to thousands of truck drivers. He has been arrested ...

The DOT sent investigators acting undercover as truck operators to see Lefteris in September following a tip from a driver. All three undercover officers claim Lefteris failed to perform required tests, yet issued them medical certifications anyway. In all three instances, Lefteris allegedly uploaded to the DOT made-up results for the tests he did not perform.

The DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has said 6,600 truck operators who received certification from Lefteris will need to see a new doctor and receive fresh certifications. FMCSA gave affected truckers 30 days from the time of receipt of a notification in the mail to obtain their new certification. Those letters were sent in late December, FMCSA said.

Thousands of truckers need new med cards after alleged examiner fraud, DOT says

Truck drivers who received their current medical certification from Dr. Anthony Lefteris, who operated out of an Atlanta-area Petro, will need to be re-examined and ...

Tom Kirchhofer
Tom Kirchhofer

Dr. Lefteris first came to my attention when a colleague emailed me. Since then I have been following this case as closely as possible.  I have since been visited by three former clients of this doctor and without passing judgement on him or his practice values, all three had blood pressure issues and I had to award them each a one time 90 day medical certificate.  I referred them to their Personal Physician to adjust their medication. One has since returned and has been cleared for the remainder of a one year MEC.  I expect the other two to return in a few weeks.  

So far I only have hearsay involving Dr. Lefteris and how well known he was among certain trucking circles. For me, it's just shake my head and watch until it's appropriate to speak.

Tom Kirchhofer, DC
DOT Certified Medical Examiner 

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