Fleets look to outsource maintenance, vehicle work

By Jason Cannon on

At a panel at the Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week, held this week in Las Vegas, John Blodgett of MacKay & Company, said that fleets are beginning to evaluate whether it is worth it to keep maintenance in-house or to focus more on their primary goal — transport. 

Blodgett said at an HDAW panel that 82 percent of fleets responding to a MacKay survey wanted to outsource more service than they currently do, and another survey showed that by 2016, the number of fleets performing all maintenance in-house would drop from 75 percent to 69 percent. 

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As with most out sourcing I have seen, the first initial setup works good but after a few repairs or servicing the quality drops unless you have someone overseeing the work. For me there is nothing like the pride of working inhouse on our own vehicles.

Dave Anderson
Dave Anderson

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Jason Cannon

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