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FMCSA wants to ditch zero-defect driver vehicle inspection reports

A proposal from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration last week would eliminate the requirement of drivers and fleets to submit and retain driver vehicle inspection reports when no defects are indicated if the Department of Transportation signs off after an internal review.

The current rule requires interstate truck drivers to submit no-defect Driver-Vehicle Inspection Reports and for carriers to retain them. FMCSA says it hopes to have a notice of proposed rulemaking published by Sept. 10 on rescinding these requirements.

Testifying at a House hearing on decreasing regulatory burdens May 8, Polly Trottenberg, a DOT undersecretary, said that removing reports for non-intermodal equipment alone would save the industry $1.5 billion a year. “The savings from each report is modest, but when you consider it provides almost daily savings for millions of drivers, it has a large impact,” Trottenberg said.

CCJ sister site Overdrive has a full report on the DVIR issue — Click here to see it.


As we all move to "green' bookkeeping and e-logs, this should be a null point.  I do think that draws/files of paperwork DVIRs is a waste when they say day in and out "no defects".  Any program that reduces redundancy, excessive storage and waste is a positive step in my opinion.

Hammer Down Manti
Hammer Down Manti

Why wouldn't a company want to keep on file a good report?  Let's do away with some of the other bull we are forced to keep.  And fix it so a report with no defects actually has a positive affect on our rating.  Three points is nothing compared to a tire that has gone flat due to road debris - 8 points.