Kalyn Siebert redesigns hydraulic removable gooseneck

Kalyn Siebert’s latest hydraulic removable gooseneck is available in two standard models: the standard Commercial series and the heavy-duty Extreme series. The KSHRG-3-51T, which starts at 18,000 pounds, is available in the Commercial series, while the KSHRG-3-55T, which starts at 19,800 pounds, is available in both the Commercial and Extreme series.

The company resdesigned the HRG to deliver a 400-pound weight savings over its predecessor, and it also strengthened the neck-to-deck connection, the alignment trough and the neck shims to facilitate added stability and easier operation.

The neck-to-deck connection incorporates front deck pins that are larger and stronger than standard pins, while the designs of both the alignment trough and neck shims have been unitized to eliminate unnecessary welds for added strength.

Kalyn Siebert also recently announced the launch of its newest trailer, the ALTRALITE lightweight steel end-dump trailer, at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas in August.

For more information, go to www.kalynsiebert.com.

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