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autonomous trucks

Volvo Group CTO: The future is closer than ever

While there have been great advancements in recent years in global truck technology, OEMs and industry suppliers must continue to rapidly develop new solutions, said Lars Stenqvist, chief technology officer, ...

McLeod users see opportunities from ELDs and ‘Amazon Effect’

Tom McLeod, president of McLeod Software, advised carriers to be in a position to take advantage of new opportunities.

After House approval, Senate examining self-driving truck tech as part of autonomous legislation package

It’s the first move by lawmakers to address a fast-growing segment in the automotive industry, highlighted by provisions to prevent states from enacting bans on autonomous vehicles while also establishing ...

Texas sets framework for autonomous vehicle operation in the state

The Texas legislature last week passed a bill to establish a basic regulatory framework for autonomous vehicle operation in the state, including allowing vehicles without humans present in the vehicle ...

Entangled in a legal mess, Uber makes changes to self-driving truck venture

Levandowski's departure from the company stems from a court order issued this month by the judge overseeing a lawsuit against Uber and Otto brought by Google and its self-driving car ...

Uber’s autonomous truck venture Otto under inspection in Calif. for testing on public roads

Uber’s autonomous truck unit in San Francisco will be inspected by California regulators over concerns that the company may have been breaking the law by testing its autonomous trucks on ...

CCJ Symposium panel addresses challenges, opportunities of autonomous trucking

Trucking technology may one day evolve to the point that the tractor can drive itself, but that is likely to come in small steps rather than giant leap, a panel ...

Swift Navigation develops GNSS receiver for transportation with pinpoint location accuracy

Automated parking, docking, yard management, platooning, autonomous driving and lane-level truck navigation are possible applications for the new technology.
Trucking's Future Now - Driver in Autonomous Truck

Senators ask for report on potential impact of autonomous trucks on driver jobs

Senators Susan Collins (R-Me.) and Jack Reed (D-R.I.) have asked the Government Accountability Office to look into autonomous truck technology and its potential to displace workers.

Industry reps sound off to FMCSA on autonomous vehicle tech’s safety concerns, opportunities for reform

Those believing FMCSA ought to incentivize adoption/development of highly automated driver-assist technology insisted there has to be a return on investment — the biggest opportunity for such appeared to be ...

Omnitracs leads $60M funding round for Peloton Technology

On Wednesday, April 11, Omnitracs announced that it lead a $60 million Series B funding round to help fuel Peloton’s growth plans

TCA panel explores the future of autonomous trucking

The building blocks for autonomous vehicles are on the road today in the form of existing safety systems and advanced driver assistance systems, but it could take at least 50 ...

Volvo demonstrates on-highway platoon on California’s I-110

The three Volvo VNL 670 model tractors hauled cargo containers in simulated real-world conditions, Volvo says, traveling at speeds of 55 mph while maintaing a 50-foot following distance -- closer ...

Omnitracs looks to capitalize on ‘massive change’ in technology and trucking

One of the highlights of the Omnitracs Outlook user conference was the partnership with Peloton to expand the possibilities of truck platooning on the nation’s highways.

Trucking Alliance wants autonomous systems to support drivers, not displace them

A trucking industry group representing a handful of the country’s largest carriers has expressed opposition to the deployment of fully autonomous, driverless trucks. The Alliance supports systems that aid drivers ...