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preventable or not

Video: Preventable or not? Motorists’ impatient pass prompts crash

In this video adaptation of a scenario from CCJ's Preventable or Not manual, produced via a partnership between CCJ and Instructional Technologies, see whether the truck driver could have prevented ...

Preventable or not: Driver can’t sneak by snack van

As John Doe was squeaking his straight truck by a parked van in a narrow space, the van’s driver opened the rear doors, one of which was damaged by Doe’s ...

Preventable or not? Deer delivers dilemma to truck operator

Trucker John Doe avoided hitting a deer that raced in front of him on the highway, only to sideswipe a guardrail and destroy his right front fender. Was this a ...

Preventable or not? Red-light runner rams truck’s rear end

A four-wheel driver slammed into the right rear corner of John Doe’s trailer as it was crossing the roadway. Was this a preventable accident?

Preventable or not? Hard braking for deer spells trouble

A trucker in front of John Doe panic-stopped to avoid a deer, so Doe also hit the brakes hard, causing a tied-down drum to break free and damage his trailer’s ...

Preventable or not: Merging four-wheeler mauls truck’s fender

John Doe hit the brakes and swerved to avoid a car cutting in front of him, but the collision damaged his right front fender. Was this a preventable accident?

Preventable or not: Foggy morning breakdown for truck operator

Driving through fog at the posted speed limit, John Doe was unable to avoid the pickup that pulled onto the highway and into his path. Was this a preventable accident?

Preventable or not? Driver’s U-turn goes awry

As truck driver John Doe attempted a wide U-turn from the left lane, he struck a car that had pulled up next to him in the right lane. Was this ...

Preventable or not: Trucker’s wide left doesn’t go right

Trucker John Doe attempted to execute a wide left but still was struck by a bus whose driver didn’t turn sharply enough. Was this a preventable accident?

Preventable or not: Trucker pained by four-wheeler’s lane switch

Truck driver John Doe tried to avoid a four-wheeler that steered into his lane, but his rig jackknifed and slid off the road into a light pole. Was this a ...

Video: Preventable or not — Evasive maneuver puts trailer on its side

Could the truck operator have prevented the crash? Find out here.

Video: Preventable or not — Exit-only lane gives trucker interchange woes

A four-wheeler traveling in an exit-only attempted to zip in front of trucker John Doe to remain on the highway. Instead, the motorist's car slammed into Doe's front fender, prompting ...

Preventable or Not? Dump truck dips into trucker’s path

Avoiding a collision with an out-of-control dump truck, John Doe steered his tractor-trailer into a snow bank, snapping off part of his bumper. Was this a preventable accident?

Video: Preventable or not — Trucker backs into concrete post at loading dock

Could the truck operator have prevented this accident? Watch the video to find out.

Video: Preventable or not — Trucker backs into incoming car

Trucker John Doe blasted his music as he backed into an alley, not noticing a car who quickly wheeled in behind him. Was this crash preventable? Check the video here ...