What’s the future hold for the owner-operator? Report explores the subject in-depth

CCJ sister site Overdrive published in March and April a two-month, multi-part series on what the future may hold for the U.S. owner-operator, the one-truck business model and the future ...

Rand McNally releases 36th edition of Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas

The atlas is available in paperback; a spiral-bound, laminated “Deluxe” version; and a “Large Scale” edition with larger maps.

Preventable or not: Trucker’s wide left doesn’t go right

Trucker John Doe attempted to execute a wide left but still was struck by a bus whose driver didn’t turn sharply enough. Was this a preventable accident?

Fuel prices jump 6.8 cents to highest point since December

Diesel prices jumped 6.8 cents during the week ending May 2, the largest week-to-week increase since mid-March, according to the Department of Energy’s weekly report.

Calif. trucking company owners face fraud charges for drivers working under the table

A California trucking company’s owners were held on $950,000 bail each for an alleged scheme to avoid higher insurance premiums and taxes by paying drivers cash and providing inaccurate employee ...

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Mobil Delvac Synthetic Lubricants: An Ideal Choice for All Year Round

ExxonMobil offers a complete line of fully synthetic lubricants, including Mobil Delvac 1™ LE 5W-30 heavy-duty diesel engine oil, and Mobil Delvac-branded drivetrain fluids, coolants…

Indicators: Rates reverse course in April, freight expected to soften in 2016

For the first time in a year, spot market rates in all three major truckload segments rose. Meanwhile, conditions for shippers improved -- but a softening freight environment may loom.

Trucking Alliance: Congress should skip hours of service changes, wait on ELD data

The Trucking Alliance issued a statement May 2 urging Congress to forgo the recently unveiled changes to hours of service regulations for truck drivers and to wait on the implementation ...

Carrier wins Colorado case brought by drivers wanting overtime pay, breaks

The drivers say they should have received overtime pay and breaks for the repeating schedule they worked. The court, however, ruled the truckers are interstate drivers, and federal laws preempt ...

Bevy of industry suppliers available for Insider Roundtables at CCJ’s Spring Symposium

The Insider Roundtables will allow fleet representatives to discuss issues they face, products, services and more with trucking-related companies during the annual event.

Video: Preventable or not — Trucker slams into jack-knifed rig in heavy snow

In the start of a new video series of preventable or not scenarios, test your knowledge on whether these weather-related accidents could have been prevented.

USA Truck rebrands asset-light logistics business

USA Truck has announced it is rebranding its asset-light logistics business, formerly known as Strategic Capacity Solutions, with a new name and logo.

Truck makers report declining truck orders, falling revenues in first quarter

Daimler, Volvo and Paccar all reported a drop in sales and revenues compared to the same quarter last year.

CVSA seeks to define parameters of ‘e-inspections’

With several variatns of “wireless” or “electronic” inspections being deployed in real-world testing today, CVSA established an ad hoc committee “to consider the creation of a new inspection level that ...

FMCSA may add eighth BASIC to CSA system to satisfy carrier incentive program requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has revealed some detail about where it proposed to go with the so-called "Beyond Compliance" system required by the FAST Act highway bill, hinting ...