Mack, Volvo salute military with Ride for Freedom trucks

Employees of each company will once again participate in the 29th Annual Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom rally this weekend in Washington, D.C., with customized trucks that salute the U.S. ...

Kenworth: Security a top concern with over-the-air updates

In March, Spanish researcher Jose Norte claimed he was able to hack thousands of trucks’ telematics systems in Europe through the Internet and was able to obtain location, gas mileage ...

Peterbilt adds to refuse truck lineup with Model 520

The new truck features a dual-seated/dual-drive configuration that allows customers to operate the vehicle from both sides of the cab, the availability of the Paccar MX-11 engine and 9- and ...

New trailer orders now coming with 2017 delivery dates

Fleet investment plans continue to be relatively stable and current orderboards indicate that orders placed today for dry vans or reefers will likely come with 2017 calendar year delivery dates.

Senate bill opposes increase to federal excise tax on trucks

At 12 percent, the Federal Excise Tax on trucks is already highest tax by percentage levied by Congress on any product.

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HELP Inc. Funds a Dozen New Weigh-in-Motion Scales at PrePass Sites

As part of its on-going effort to produce the safest and most accurate bypassing services for its customers, HELP Inc. today announced it has embarked…

Meritor releases updated aftermarket front axle catalogs

The completely revamped catalogs cover the full line of Meritor and Euclid front axle parts and related components.

Up close with Western Star’s ‘badass’ 5700XE

Kelley Platt, Western Star's president, calls the truck "badass." She winces as the words come out of her mouth but she's right. Everything about this truck is unique, Western Star ...

Freightliner Data Code now available for Hadley’s electronic control system on new 6×4 trucks

Installed on the drive axle suspension, the SmartValve allows for convenient raising of the tractor frame to assist in raising a trailer whose landing gear are too low or lowering ...

Mack testing zero-emission capable drayage trucks

Mack’s efforts will build upon its experiences in designing and demonstrating a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) drayage truck based on a Mack Pinnacle daycab model.

Washington insiders get hands-on with Bendix driver assist features

This year’s proving ground demonstration was the sixth time in recent years – and first with MEMA – that Bendix has provided government and industry leaders an up-close educational look ...

Google vets eyeing ‘self-driving’ truck

Otto, a company founded by ex-Google engineers – and with some help from former employees from Tesla and Amazon – tested one of their Volvo trucks outfitted with its self-driving ...

Commercial truck registrations fall during first three months of 2016

Freightliner remains the leader in Class 8 with a 38 percent segment share of new registrations during the quarter.

Point-counterpoint: Owner-operator and carrier interest groups spar over ELDs and speed limiters, harp on need for truck parking

Once again making clear the sometimes wide divide between large and small carriers on some of the industry’s key regulatory and operational issues, Todd Spencer of OOIDA and Ted Scott ...

API introduces new donut to differentiate new FA-4 diesel oil

The new donut features a shaded section to differentiate API FA-4 diesel oils from CK-4 oils.

Fleets seeing benefits of fuel efficiency spec’ing

Aero and efficiency technologies have helped battle back miles per gallon losses caused by EGR engines between 2004 and 2007.