How a coin toss led to e-commerce: Estes exec talks evolution at ALK Summit

In a keynote address at the ALK Technology Summit, an executive of Estes Express Lines shared the technology the company uses to overcome common challenges in the LTL industry.

Trucker Path analysis shows reality of truck parking shortage

Trucker Path analysis shows 12 percent of truck parking locations are empty during peak hours and 24 percent have empty spots

CarriersEdge adds online fuel-efficiency training course

CarriersEdge, providers of online safety and compliance training tools for the North American transportation industry, announced a new Maximizing Fuel Efficiency course.

Covenant Transport exec discusses ‘culture of excellence’ at Spring Symposium

Doug Schrier gave a presentation about how CTG went through a turnaround by creating a culture of excellence at the CCJ Spring Symposium on Tuesday, May 17, in Birmingham, Ala.

Successfully onboard: how data, technology helps retain new drivers

A number of strategies and technologies are being used to improve the onboarding experience of drivers.

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Q&A: PC-11 may affect your fleet less than you think

At this year’s TMC, we know that the American Petroleum Institute’s (API’s) upcoming PC-11 lubricant specification changes will be a hot topic. While most fleet…

TMW study: rates went up as fleet utilization declined in 2015

TMW Systems released results from its most recent 12-month reporting period for the Transportation & Logistics Study.

Anytek unveils new GPS-dashcam unit

The camera functionality of the unit records in a continuous loop, based on the size of the memory card in use; the device allows for up to a 32gb card. ...

Interstate Distributor rolls out CarriersEdge training tools to fleet

CarriersEdge, a provider of online safety and compliance training tools, announced that Interstate Distributor is using its platform to provide customized maintenance training.

Getting better on demand: Progistics Distribution finds efficiency in inefficient niche

The company leverages delivery resources and carves out a ‘last-mile’ specialty with technology and customer service.

What’s the future hold for the owner-operator? Report explores the subject in-depth

CCJ sister site Overdrive published in March and April a two-month, multi-part series on what the future may hold for the U.S. owner-operator, the one-truck business model and the future ...

Transport America to deploy Lytx DriveCam fleetwide after trial test

The Lytx DriveCam safety program combines video capture of road incidents with data analysis and personalized coaching insights.

Usage based insurance: Gorilla Safety co-founders see an opportunity for fleets

Gorilla Safety founders believe the system will be used by insurance companies to create usage based insurance (UBI) programs to more quickly reward fleets for their performance.

Stay Metrics shares results from online driver training; total views reach 100k

To date, drivers have earned 33,500 awards for completing the Safety and Health & Wellness modules in the expanding Drive Safe library, and total views are approximately 100,000.

Dossier Systems rolls out new version of fleet maintenance software

The most visible feature is a new notification system called Active Alerts, which alerts personnel such as drivers, operators, fleet managers, and dispatchers about events and status changes.

Big data, part 4: latching onto video, comparative analysis

Now that the era of big data has arrived, the evolution continues towards higher levels of predictive and prescriptive intelligence.