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Union rejects contract with LA, Long Beach ports

Clerical union workers at Los Angeles’ and Long Beach’s ports have voted against ratifying a six-year contract they recently tentatively approved. 

On Feb. 6, International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 63 Office Clerical Unit voted to not accept the proposed agreement with the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor Employers Association.

With a federal mediator’s help, the union and the association reached tentative contract consensus Dec. 4. That decision ended the union’s 8-day strike, which had shut down most of the ports’ terminals.

All 16 OUC bargaining units voted against the proposal, according to the association, which represents the ports’ shippers and terminal operators. The OUC, which has been without a contract since June 2010, has not publicly commented on the vote.

The National Retail Federation’s Jonathan Gold said contract ratification is necessary for industries that rely upon these ports to do long-term planning.

“The shutdown during the holiday shopping season was more than just a fight between labor and management – it threatened to impact consumers’ shopping plans at the most crucial time of the year, said Gold, vice president of NRF’s supply chain and customs. “We can’t afford to see another shutdown.”

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Please strike! Let America see you for the weak minded individuals you are. If only CA was a right to work state and they could tell the unions where to jump off. There are thousands of people who would love to have these jobs and they should go to someone more deserving than the union thugs.  It is only a matter of time anyway before the Panama Canal is widened and SOCAL ports can wave goodbye to their jobs anyway.


Can't afford this again.  Too much chaos.


 @KenNilsen you make a good point.  Problem is that the strike ties us the containers, both empty and loaded, and makes a mess for my drivers.  They suffer because of the lack of availability of empties and from the inability to work due to the freight not arriving.  While I would love to see the Union  hurt; I can't stand to see my O/Os suffer.  It is too hard to make a living as a Owner - Operator these days and this strike just hurts us more.