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Video log: Fueling, driving natural gas glider kit

CCJ Equipment Editor Jack Roberts is on hand in Utah at a CCJ-exclusive press briefing for Smith Power Products’ natural gas glider kits. Here are a few videos he’s shot and uploaded so far from his trip:

[youtube oXzTaYL7w2I nolink]

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I commend your open-mindedness and professionalism, Mr. Roberts. I am not at all surprised to see you emerge positive, if not enthusiastic, about American Power Group's V5000HD system, and the glider program's business logic as well.  Be it Blu LNG, Evol LNG, several major fleets and cartage companies, or even the drilling companies testing APG's system on stationary diesel engines, the outcomes are consistently noting APG's system's simplicity and reliability on the outside, and sophistication and performance on the inside.


I've done a great deal of research in regard to these dual-fuel approaches and the various vendors,and I see American Power Group's rising to the top resoundingly.  They now have EPA approvals for about 450 engine families, and their dual fuel units are performing flawlessly.  The injector-based approaches seem prone to mechanical problems..and it's time actually on the road saving fuel and delivering the load that matters...not some statistic about fuel displacement.   


You may enjoy reading the discussions I started at the CNG Chat forum, as there is comment on the glider program, or, as well, my "Instablog" at Seeking Alpha...which I am revising and will post soon.  Just search under APGI or "odaat."


Best wishes.

Smith Power Products
Smith Power Products

What a great week. We really enjoyed Jack's visit to see this exciting technology Thank you! Smith Power Products