Examining the full life cycle emissions of 'zero-emission' powertrains

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Updated May 20, 2022

New research conducted by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) takes a look at the full life cycle carbon dioxide emissions of so-called zero-emission trucks and compares their emissions output to that of the full life cycle of a modern diesel truck. 

ATRI said that while "zero-emission" trucks (ZETs), such as battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell electric trucks, do not directly release carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during operation (tailpipe emissions), such emissions are today released during the production of those fuels and the production and disposal of the vehicles and their lithium-ion batteries.

In this week's 10-44, Jason and Matt talk with Dan Murray, vice president at ATRI, about the findings of ATRI's report and the type of powertrain the group found will ultimately be the most environmentally friendly. 

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