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The powerful brand of CCJ reaches 96,500 subscribers within the freight transport business. Many of these are the fleet executives and managers that have the buying power to grow your business. This multi-channel brand allows for repeated impressions in effective formats.

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You may contact CCJ’s editorial staff below:

Jason Cannon,
Chief Editor
Phone: 800-633-5953, ext. 1175
[email protected]

Angel Coker,
Senior Editor

[email protected]

Alex Lockie,
Executive Editor
[email protected]

Matt Cole,
Associate Editor
Phone: 800-633-5953, ext. 1702
[email protected]

Jeff Crissey,
Content Director, OEM/Aftermarket
[email protected]

Emily Larson,
Director of Advertising Sales
Phone: (205) 248-1329
[email protected]