A/C dye injection gun

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Tracer Products’ multi-dose dye injection gun with an 8-ounce disposable cartridge can deliver 1 1/4 ounce of Fluoro-Lite universal dye into an air conditioning system for easier refrigerant leak detection. The solvent-free fluorescent dye is certified to meet or exceed SAE standard J2297 for R-134a/PAG air conditioning systems, the company says. The injection connects to the low-side service port “in seconds” and can be used with the engine running.

The company says the dye is compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants. The gun is made of steel and comes as part of a kit which includes the dye cartridge and a 100-, 50-, or 35-watt ultraviolet lamp.
Tracer Products (www.tracerline.com)