High capacity air dryer

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Meritor WABCO’s new System Saver 1800 air dryer has 50 percent more desiccant than the company’s System Saver 1200 for 15 percent to 30 percent more drying capacity for heavier duty applications. Designed for fleets and owner-operators with applications requiring a higher air brake system drying capacity, the unit has a premium desiccant, and the cartridge is an easily serviced, spin-on design.

The unit is 14.4 inches tall because of the tight space dryers need to fit into with aerodynamic vehicles. It weighs 13.1 pounds to minimize its effect on payload and is intended for those applications needing more capacity than the System Saver 1200, but not requiring the continuous operation of the dual-cartridge dryer.
Meritor Wabco (www.arvinmeritor.com)