PeopleNet in Palms

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PeopleNet Communications says its Intouch Fleet Management system is now compatible with products that operate on the Palm OS platform, allowing fleet managers and drivers increased mobility and job efficiency. The Intouch Fleet Management system connects a fleet’s entire supply chain with mobile location, messaging and voice communications. The Intouch system now can be used on the Palm IIIxe, TRG Pro, Symbol 1500 and Symbol 1700, which take the place of the standard message display unit, an existing component of the Intouch system. When fleets choose the handheld option, they can access Intouch G2X features such as two-way form and freeform e-mail, personal and corporate address books, and free driver e-mail, as well as handheld applications such as calendars, calculators and other Palm OS applications. By integrating the Intouch fleet management system with the Palm OS platform, PeopleNet makes future applications such as bar coding, signature capture, document exchange and electronic driver logs possible. In addition, customers will be able to develop their own Palm applications in the future.

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