Reefer network

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Thermo King Corp.’s radio-based network, the R:Com system, provides wireless communication between its Smart Reefer units or a data logger and an office location. The system “is an effective traffic management tool that instantly identifies and communicates: vehicle arrival and departure times, availability in the yard, type, registration, refrigeration unit model, operating and temperature data, alarm conditions and any action required,” says the company.

The system, says Thermo King, “eliminates the time consuming, manual downloading from each vehicle’s data logger. The system works automatically and provides wireless downloading of data, in-yard monitoring 24 hours a day, traffic management and immediate communication of any action required to a mobile phone or pager.” The system, “continuously communicates vehicle arrivals and reefer status, notifying workers of any alarms that need attention. It gives distribution companies the information they need not only to document temperatures during trips, but also to get vehicles back on the road quickly, and it requires no human intervention.”

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