Road Relay 4 with fuel tax reporting

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Cummins Inc. and ProMiles Software Development Corp. have introduced an interface between Cummins’ Road Relay 4 with Global Positioning System and the ProMiles tax reporting package. The two are integrated using the Cummins Inform or Inspec vehicle and fleet management software. The system then automatically provides state-by-state and vehicle-by-vehicle fuel tax information and trip sheets. The latter are helpful in case of an IFTA audit.

Enabling the “Route” feature on the RoadRelay 4 allows it to record GPS coordinates every time events such as key on/off, fault or extended idle occur. It automatically records fuel tax report data including tracking on and off-highway use and time spent at idle. Drivers can enter fuel purchase data as the truck is fueling. Thus, it “eliminates the need to laboriously compile fuel tax report data,” the company says.

Once RoadRelay 4 data is downloaded into Inform or Inspec, it is exported to Cummins PowerTrip and ProMiles Fuel Tax software. Fuel Tax then populates the data fields in the fuel tax software with the information from the RoadRelay. This saves fleet managers the time normally spent compiling such data and eliminates common mistakes. The system is available through Cummins distributors.

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