Electronic wheel chock

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DL Manufacturing’s electronic wheel chock safety system is designed to make loading dock operations safer and to help industries comply with OSHA regulations. The new product keeps both drivers and dock workers alerted to the loading status of any truck parked at the dock.

It communicates when it is safe to carry out loading and unloading operations to prevent the truck pulling away from the dock prematurely, the company says.

Photo eyes built into the chock handle and base unit sense if the wheel is safely chocked. An inside panel with red and green LED lights shows if it’s safe to load or if a wheel is prematurely unchocked. A red light produces an ultra-bright flashing beam directed at the driver’s mirror when loading is in progress or when a wheel is not safely chocked.

The system includes a high-strength aluminum wheel chock, inside and outside communications panels and a door-activated photo eye.

DL Manufacturing (www.dlmanufacturing.com)