PeopleNet automates service checkpoints

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PeopleNet Communications is introducing PeopleNet Automatic Circle Of Service (PACOS), a solution that will give carriers automatic notification of key events between initial dispatch and completion of delivery. PACOS will reduce the dependency on drivers to notify carriers and will alert dispatchers to out-of-route drivers and other exceptions to pre-determined locations, time and events throughout the dispatch route.

Also announced in October are new capabilities for PeopleNet’s Palm OS hand-held device platform. The new applications include wireless capabilities for bar code data capture for more effective inventory management and signature capture for more accurate and effective proof of delivery.

The vendor also has announced enhancements in terms of service. It is launching a new flat rate plan that provides more bandwidth and transactions per month than any competitor in the marketplace, the company says. In addition, due to concerns about the continued availability of the analog cellular network, PeopleNet is offering the Wireless Network Guarantee, which guarantees the viability and accessibility of the wireless network for the life of the customer contract. Dave Ladner, PeopleNet founder and general manager, believes, however, that the concerns are unfounded and that the analog network has a life of another seven years or more.