Fuel system cuts fraud, waste

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A new, wireless fuel management system has been designed to combat fraud, waste and mistakes at company fuel pumps.

SmartFuel, by SCI International, Clearwater, Fla., employs radio transmitters at fuel pumps and vehicle fuel tanks to ensure that fuel will flow only when the correct fuel nozzle is inserted into the correct tank by the correct driver. The system, which is connected to the fleet manager’s office computer, can be installed on both electronic and older mechanical fuel pumps. Computerized reports can be generated, which list fueling details for all vehicles in a fleet.

SmartFuel was derived from Israeli Air Force technology used to control flow during in-flight refueling.

Because the system won’t dispense fuel into just any tank or container, it prevents employees from reselling company fuel. Moreover, says SCI, it ensures that the proper fuel is dispensed into the proper tank.

According to SCI, Florida-based Velda Farms provides its delivery drivers with two refueling pumps: one dispensing 70 cents-per-gallon, reefer fuel; and the second dispensing $1.35-per-gallon, on-road fuel. Because operating one pump was easier than operating two, drivers would routinely fill both tanks with the more expensive fuel.

After SmartFuel was installed, the $1.35-per-gallon fuel pump would not release fuel into the reefer tanks, and drivers were forced to fuel properly. Velda Farms reported a 25 percent reduction in fuel costs as a result.

For more information, contact SCI at (727) 461-9799.