Aether buys @Track long-haul products

Aether Systems ( announced the purchase of several assets of fleet-management company @Track Communications ( Under terms of the $15 million agreement, Aether will get @Track’s Platinum Service information management system, 20/20V GPS asset tracking system, and TrackWare trailer-tracking system. Aether will also assume the management, including customer service and support, for @Track’s HighwayMaster Series 5000 onboard computer that combines voice and data communications with satellite-based GPS location technology.

The transition to Aether Systems will be seamless for the roughly 400 carriers and more than 25,000 trucks presently equipped with @Track’s HighwayMaster system, says Steve Werrlein, director of marketing for Aether Systems.

“We’re bringing on 70-plus @Track employees so they will be talking to the same people,” Werrlein says.

As part of the business agreement, Aether will receive all service revenues from HighwayMaster customers. @Track will continue to provide customers network and airtime for the HighwayMaster system. In turn, Aether will reimburse @Track for the service costs.

Aether will keep an inventory of HighwayMaster Series 5000 computers for @Track customers that wish to buy new units for their growing fleet. For all new customers, Aether will continue to market and sell its MobileMax2 mobile communications and fleet management system, Werrlein says.

“This agreement with Aether is another key step in @Track’s business strategy to focus its resources on aggressively penetrating the metro marketplace with Minorplanet VMI, which we believe is the key to @Track’s future growth,” says Jana Ahlfinger Bell, @Track’s president and CEO.

Minorplanet Vehicle Management Information consists of an onboard unit and back-office software support used by companies operating service vehicle fleets to help maximize productivity and profit. Following a cash-and-stock transaction finalized last summer between @Track and U.K.-Minorplanet System, @Track has the exclusive right to market Minorplanet VMI in the United States, Canada and Mexico.