Better braking from Haldex

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Haldex Brake Systems introduced a new generation of air disc brakes for North American heavy vehicles with 19.5- and 22.5-inch wheels.

The Haldex disc brake features four stainless steel caliper slide pins and Teflon bushings. This configuration requires no lubrication, and eliminates problems with sticking calipers, according to the company.

The mechanism uses a twin-tappet design for even distribution of braking forces and longer lining life. Also, linings are easily replaced with no special tools.

The company has also expanded its line of clearance-sensing automatic brake adjusters (ABAs), to include the No-Lube, Severe-Service, and self-setting (S-ABA) models. The S-ABA is said to automatically provide the correct initial adjustment, regardless of installation angle.

Next, Haldex introduced its ‘Dryest’ and ‘Purest’ air dryers, designed to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants in compressed air systems. Both dryers use Haldex’ multi-treatment cartridge with a five-stage cleaning system, a turbo protection valve, and a thermostatic heater to prevent moisture from freezing in cold climates. The Purest dryer includes an integrated purge volume, which eliminates the need for a separate purge tank.

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