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Vansco’s PDT monitors and displays tractor-trailer data messages.

If your vehicles are equipped with power-line-carrier (PLC) technology for tractor-trailer communications, have you ever wondered what they’re saying to each other? Vansco Electronics Ltd., Winnipeg, MB, has introduced a PLC4Trucks Display Terminal (PDT), which monitors and displays tractor-trailer data messages. It shows, for example, the status of trailer devices, such as ABS and refrigeration systems. Also, the unit is custom programmable by OEMs to display status, error and other user-defined messages.

The PDT has a dot-matrix LCD, backlit display and function keys to allow the operator to scroll through messages and access menus. The keys can also be programmed to send PLC messages, enabling the PDT to interact with other modules.

The display can be permanently mounted in the truck cab, or in a portable mount, and power can be supplied through a permanent cable or through a cigarette lighter connection.
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