July 2002

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Electric lift truck
Caterpillar introduces 3,000- to 6,000-pound cushion-tire electric lift trucks, including models EC15K-EC30K. This family of lift trucks can be tailored for a customer’s specific needs with numerous optional features available, the company says. Features found on the models include an energy-efficient hydraulic system with a transistorized drive controller, proportional regenerative braking and an interactive LCD display.

BP fuel cards for big and small
BP’s BP Business and BP BusinessPlus Cards are designed to simplify the process of managing fueling expenses. Designed for small fleets, the BP Business Card offers basic fueling expense management needs. It provides fleet managers with summarized corporate fuel spending in a monthly report. Monthly statements show date, time, gallons, product and location of every purchase. Revolving credit terms and several billing date options to help match cash flow and payment needs are available.

The BP BusinessPlus Card, designed for larger fleets, is based on cumulative monthly purchases, and a company receives rebates on each gallon of gasoline purchased. A PIN validator is available at the point of purchase, and fleet managers can have drivers enter odometer readings, vehicle numbers or driver numbers. Based on the fleet manager’s preference, information can be reported in a variety of ways. The BusinessPlus Card fleet program cost $10 a month, but the fee is waived for fleets that purchase 5,000 gallons or more per month. Both card programs allow for online account management.

Cold water pressure washer
Landa’s SEA stationary, cold water pressure washer is now available with an optional upgrade that provides portability. The SEA is housed in a stainless steel cabinet, and available add-ons include a stainless steel cart with two rubber wheels and two caster wheels, a detergent container rack, mounted electric cord hooks and a tangle-free, high-pressure hose reel.

ABS diagnostics
Meritor WABCO’s Toolbox Software Version 4.2 offers advanced antilock braking system diagnostic capabilities. The software provides: a display of both constant and changing information for the system under test; a display of both active and stored system faults, and the appropriate repair instructions; and activation of system components to verify system integrity, proper component operation and installation wiring.

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Version 4.2 updates include full PLC functionality; sensor orientation testing for Enhanced Easy-Stop trailer ABS; lift axle function parameter change procedures; and brake bleed procedures for hydraulic ABS. The new edition is configured for Meritor WABCO D and E versions pneumatic ABS and D version hydraulic ABS.
Meritor WABCO

Engine fans
Horton’s WindMaster Fans are designed to keep Class 7 and 8 engines cooler, using less horsepower, the company says. The fans are available in 26- and 32-inch diameters with eight or nine blades and can be easily retrofitted on diesel vehicles.

Leak detection kit
Tracer Products’ Tracerline LeakFinder kit is designed to find all refrigerant and fluid leaks quickly, easily and accurately, according to the company. The kit features a 12-volt, 50-watt UV/blue light inspection lamp with a high-performance filter/lens. The lamp has a 14-foot cord with alligator clips, which attach to the vehicle’s battery.

The kit also contains three 1-ounce bottles of fluorescent dyes, a precision A/C dye injector and hose assembly, an 8-ounce spray bottle of Glo-Away dye cleaner, and fluorescence-enhancing glasses that make leaks appear brighter and underhood labels more legible for tracking maintenance service. All items are contained in a plastic carrying case.
Tracer Products

Low-bed liftgate
Waltco Truck Equipment Co.’s MPF Series Flipaway liftgate is designed to increase the delivery potential of low-bed vehicles. It is available in 2,500- or 3,300-pound lifting capacities and features a two-piece level-ride platform. The liftgate’s wide-arm configuration ensures load stability and allows the liftgate to be mounted on vehicles with a stationary receiver-type hitch for towing trailers. The Flipaway also features a torsion-assisted folding platform that requires less than 40 pounds of force to open and close, the company says. The Waltco SuperSwitch control lets drivers operate the liftgate from the ground or bed level.
Waltco Truck Equipment Co.

Brake lathe cutting tips
Goodtool has expanded its line of brake service tools to include three grades of brake lathe cutting tips: standard, excellent and premium grades. Standard grade are solid parallel ground carbide tips for resurfacing cast iron drums and rotors. Excellent grade cutting tips are honed-edge parallel and peripheral ground carbide tips, which provide a sharper cutting edge and deliver a better finish on cast iron and composite rotors. Premium grade tips are titanium coated, and parallel and peripheral ground for performance and finish on cast iron and composite rotors.

High mileage engine oil
Castrol’s GTX High Mileage oil is designed to protect against oil burn-off for engines with over 75,000 miles. It is available in four grades, including, 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40 and 20W-50. Castrol GTX grades exceed all passenger car and light truck manufacturers’ warranty requirements for the protection of gasoline and turbocharged engines where API SL, SJ or SH is recommended, and exceed engine protection requirements of ILSAC GF-3 for API Certified Gasoline Engine Oils, the company says.

Backing alert system
American Dealer Services’ Micro 3 Bak-Talk warns drivers of potential obstacles when backing. Bak-Talk tells drivers in English or Spanish how far they are from an object behind them when reversing. The system uses echo-location sonar to detect both moving and stationary objects and has a detection range of 12 inches to 8 feet.
American Dealer Services

Battery maintenance system
PulseTech Products’ PowerPulse Battery Maintenance System solves the problem of dead batteries, the company says. The system works by using the battery’s own energy to prevent the main cause of battery failure-sulfation buildup on the battery plates.

Using ReNew-It Pulse Technology, it collects a small amount of energy from the battery, reconditions it and then returns it to the battery as a pulsating DC current. The current re-energizes and removes the lead-sulfate deposits from the plates, then returns them to the battery acid as active electrolyte. It is small, weatherproof and easy to install, the company says. There are models for 12-, 24-, 36-, 48- and 72-volt battery systems.
PulseTech Products

DriveAlign Tensioners
NAPA Heavy Duty DriveAlign tensioners are designed to outperform original equipment flat spring tensioners and extend the life of the accessory drive belt and system components, the company says. A patented, round spring design and asymmetric damping system reduce unwanted tensioner motion and absorb system vibrations. DriveAlign tensioners also maintain their damping effectiveness over the life of the tensioner and, as the engine accelerates and decelerates, they maintain the correct asymmetric damping force. They are sealed from outside contamination.
NAPA Belts/Hose

Spill kits
New Pig’s Pig High Visibility MRO Spill Kits in lime green containers include a variety of socks, mats, and pillows that absorb up to 61 gallons of non-aggressive liquids. The kits are available in both 95-gallon and 65-gallon containers. Each kit also contains yellow caution disposal bags for proper disposal of the used absorbents, an instructional manual and emergency guidebook.
New Pig

Double-security cable seal
E.J. Brooks’ SeaLock Jr. prevents cargo theft in two ways. First, it locks the container door hasp, preventing unauthorized personnel from opening the container door. Second, it coils itself around the container’s middle keeper bars, preventing them from separating.

The SeaLock Jr. assembly is engineered from bullet-ended, 3/16-inch aircraft cable, a lock buddy and a plastic coated locking case. The locking case is applied to the bullet-end of the cable and is heat-stamped with a company name and seven consecutive numbers. It is easy to install and can only be removed using cable cutters on two different areas of the cable.
E.J. Brooks Co.

Backing training
J.J. Keller’s Backing training program gives both new and experienced drivers tips on backing. Drivers will learn how to perform both common and less common backing/steering maneuvers, including straight-line backing, blind-side backing, alley dock backing, jackknife backing and parallel parking. The program includes a video with live-action demonstrations and advice from veteran drivers and industry professionals, an instructor’s guide, 10 driver handbooks, a training log and two awareness posters. The program is available for $179.
J.J. Keller & Associates

High-temperature metal repair
Bar’s Products’ Stiction E-Z Weld Hi-Temp Metal Repair is a permanent putty compound designed specifically for high-temperature applications up to 2000 degrees F. It can be used to seal leaks in exhaust manifolds, pipes, headers, catalytic converters and mufflers, or to bond cast iron, steel and other metals exposed to high temperatures. The compound is available in .7-ounce tubes.
Bar’s Products

Crossmemberless steel dump body
J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers’ DynaHauler/LWC is a lighter weight dump truck body built with Hardox steel with no crossmembers. It allows operators to haul more payload without compromising the structural integrity of the truck, according to J&J. The dump body is installed on an oak cushion and features newly designed, formed bottom rails.

The DynaHualer/LWC can be customized to suit customer needs. Various lengths, from 13 to 20 feet, and sides from 42 to 66 inches are available. In addition, 8- or 10-inch formed longsills, a paving rear and several tailgate options are available.
J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers

Drive system
Link Tools 1/4-inch drive system delivers automatic locking with a one-handed push-on that stays locked until released by pulling up on the gold collar. The system includes: 10 basic Link drive tools, such as ratchets, Extendor extension bars, u-joints and palm wrenches; a wide selection of 6-point metric and standard depth and deep well SAE sockets; and 18 machine steel single-piece construction socket bits.
Link Tools

HazMat videos
J.J. Keller’s HazMat Solutions is a video series that provides training on specific topics related to hazardous materials. The series consists of six 10-minute videos, including The HazMat Table, Markings, Labels, Placards, Shipping Papers and Loading & Segregation. Each video also includes an instructor’s bulletin, 10 employee skill cards and an awareness poster that reinforces key points. The video series is available for $329, and the videos are also sold separately for $69 each.

J.J. Keller & Associates

Vehicle restraint
Rite-Hite’s VBR-300 Dok-Lok vehicle restraint secures trailers at the dock to protect against early departure, trailer creep and dock walk. The VBR-300 restrains a trailer by engaging the trailer’s rear impact guard. Mechanical springs provide upward force and constant tension, allowing the unit to maintain safe, consistent contact with the rear impact guard as trailer bed height fluctuates during loading and unloading.
Rite-Hite Corp.