Getting a grip on brake pads

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Disc-brake system designers have a new option with the introduction of the FeinGrip attachment system, a development of Feintool System Parts, Cincinnati.

The FeinGrip system is claimed to be the only “fineblanked” brake pad attachment design. That means its steel brake plate has an array of integral, precisely angled teeth, scooped out of

Cross section shows how teeth lock friction pad to plate without use of adhesives or rivets.

the parent metal, that lock the pad to plate when friction material is molded and cured around the teeth.

Available in aftermarket and OEM versions, the new system delivers critical brake plate dimensions that traditional stamping often cannot deliver.

What’s it mean to the end user? Brake plate flatness is key to preventing vibration and chatter under load. This process, says Feintool, ensures proper flatness for quiet operation, and precise perpendicularity for proper fit within the brake caliper.