A different spin on landing gear

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“Aside from expensive, pneumatic systems, I don’t think anyone has ever done anything to improve landing-gear cranks,” says Dave McGrew, inventor of the Sixth Wheel (www.sixthwheel.net). “That’s a shame, because truckers often experience injuries on the job – a high percentage of which are muscular sprains or strains, usually involving the back.”

McGrew’s Sixth Wheel is designed to free-wheel, allowing faster, less strenuous raising and lowering of trailer landing gear, while an extendable “Torc-arm” generates additional torque when needed, for example, when the landing gear is in high gear, or when a trailer is loaded.
The unit easily attaches to any trailer landing gear, says McGrew, and locks into place for easy operation. When not in use, it folds for safe storage on a hanger. It can also be removed and stored in the cab.

According to McGrew, Sixth Wheel is currently being field tested by several large fleets, which have reported enthusiastic driver acceptance.