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2003 Chevrolet Kodiak/GMC TopKick Crew Cab
General Motors recently introduced new crew-cab additions to its Kodiak/TopKick medium-duty truck series. The new trucks, says GM, seat up to six people – three in front and three in the rear – and feature easy access with four wide doors, full-length steps and well-placed assist handles.

Available in 16,500- to 61,000-pound GVWRs, the new models feature the following powertrains:

  • GM’s Vortec 8100MD 8.1-liter V8 gasoline engine and Allison five-speed overdrive automatic transmission are standard on C4500 through C7500 models.
  • GM’s Duramax 7800 7.8-liter, I6 turbo diesel and Allison six-speed overdrive automatic transmission are standard on C8500 models.
  • The Duramax 6600 diesel is available on C4500 and C5500 models.
  • Caterpillar’s 3126E diesel engine is available on C6500 through C8500 models.
  • An additional variety of manual and automatic transmissions is also available.

A 169-inch wheelbase is standard for Class 4 and 5 models, while three longer wheelbases are available for Class 4, and four longer wheelbases are available for Class 5.

The standard wheelbase for Class 6, 7 and 8 versions is 194 inches, with four longer wheelbases available.

Front axles from 7,000 to 16,000-pound GAWR are offered, while rear axles range from 11,000 through 26,000-pound single axle, and up to 45,000-pound tandem.

Improvements and refinements, says GM, include: a standard-width frame with a range of materials, strengths and reinforcements for easy upfitting; a 50 percent reduction in noise, vibration and harshness; ample, convenient interior storage; better maneuverability with significantly improved visibility and turning diameters; four-channel antilock hydraulic disc or air brake systems.

Mid-cab tractor
International’s 4400 4×2 Mid Cab tractor is designed for urban and regional applications where the vehicle mission requires more than 10 percent bobtailing.

The 4400 Mid Cab tractor is built with International I6 diesel engines designed to meet the demanding driving conditions of urban and regional delivery businesses. International DT466 engines with 215-horsepower and 620 lb-ft torque ratings are standard, but customers also can select International DT466 engines with ratings up to 250 horsepower, or International DT530 engines with ratings up to 300 horsepower.

Standard, ride-enhancing, cab air suspension delivers a superior ride over varying road conditions, and a parabolic, taper-leaf front suspension system with tuned shock absorbers provides outstanding ride, handling and control, the company says. Lighter, stronger frames backed by a seven-year limited warranty support bigger payloads.

Water-resistant trailer door
The WeatherTite van trailer door, made of a moisture-resistant polycomposite material, is designed to eliminate water penetration. The product features side and bottom seals as standard equipment. The doors drop into existing 3/4-inch track configurations, simplifying aftermarket replacement.

Extended life coolant/antifreeze
Old World Industries’ Final Charge Global Extended Life Coolant/ Antifreeze is a patented organic acid technology formula that delivers total cooling system protection for 600,000 miles of on-road use (6 years or 12,000 hours of off-highway use) without the use of supplemental coolant additives, the company says. It is approved by Cummins, Detroit Diesel, MTU and Caterpillar. The only maintenance required is the addition of Final Charge Extender at 300,000 to 400,000 miles, the company says.

Rear obstacle sensing system for Class 7 and 8 trucks
Rostra Precision Controls’ RearSentry rear obstacle sensing system is now available for Class 7 and 8 trucks. The RearSentry system uses a microwave signal to detect obstacles up to 12 feet behind the vehicle. The driver is alerted of potential danger through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity and from an in-cab LED display that changes from green to yellow to red, as objects grow closer.

The system is compatible with conventional or cab-over trucks and can be used with pup trailers from 32- to 53-foot trailers.

Heavyweight bedmats
Koneta’s ProTecta heavyweight bedmats with a pebble finish provide protection from dents and scratches and help prevent cargo from shifting. The bedmats are made of Nyracord, and blend of rubber and strong synthetic fibers. Custom fit sizes are available for all popular pickup truck models.

Graffiti and scratch protection
3M Commercial Graphics has a series of new products to help combat graffiti damage, scratching and gouging. Scotchguard graphic and surface protection films 8991 and 8991R were created for non-glass surfaces. There is also a window film available that is optically clear and distortion-free for windows and mirrors. The film comes in two thicknesses and lessens the chance of scratches, gouges, paints, marks and stains.

Curtainside trailers
Fontaine Trailer’s curtainside trailers open from the side via a tarp-like curtain. Other features and benefits include 7-inch neck depth and 48-inch kingpin height with a 55-inch front deck height. The rear deck height is 53 inches; inside height is 1053/4 inches; and side opening height is almost 103 inches. Curtains are 28-ounce 12-by-12 Panama weave, and graphics are silkscreen, one to four colors with specialized ink that will not crack or peel for the life of the curtain. High-frequency welding on all hems, pockets and webbings permanently fuse welds and add strength to the curtain wall.

LED truck lighting
Imperial Brand LED truck lighting uses standard connections, eliminating the need for adapters and rewiring when retrofitting from incandescent to LED. The lights come with a lifetime guarantee.

Straight cable
Whitney Blake’s Tuffline Straight Cable Assembly is an interconnect system designed to meet the highest power requirements of ABS and general-purpose red cable assemblies. Each truck cable is pre-engineered for abrasion resistance, extended life, sag resistance and resistance to road salt and fluids of all kinds. The barrel design of the connector promotes multi-contact points, eliminates pin surface treatment wear, lower insertion force and requires no contact grease.

Failure-proof hose
Phillips’ air brake hoses, available in sizes from 16 to 118, include a unique lining with grooves that results in a fail-proof connection, the company says. The heavy-duty air brake hose has solid brass fittings for corrosion resistance. It is also available with one or two swivel ends.

EZ-Glide ladder system
Weather Guard Equipment offers a build-your-own rack system for ladder storage. The system starts with a basic rotation rack and adds kits and accessories to meet exact requirements to fit a wide range of vehicles, including full-size vans, minivans, hi-cube vans and Sprinter vans. The system has an ergonomic design with hydraulic action, which allows easy raising and lowering of ladders to help reduce strain and injury. The system’s aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware offer resistance against rust. Basic rack features include removable ladder stops for adding kits and accessories, interlocking ladder supports, an ergonomic drive arm with extra-strong rotation point and hydraulic-assist action that allows speed adjustments of ladder descent.

The EZ-Glide system features a variety of kits and accessories to create a customized, modular storage system, including a driver’s side ladder clamp and rotation rack kits, retrofit kits for Weather Guard quick-clamp racks, and extra cross members for storing shorter ladders or other materials. Velcro straps, a mirror holder and a warning light holder are also available.

Coolant additive and filters
Bar’s Xtreme Supplemental Coolant Additive is designed to complement commercial antifreeze in heavy-duty or light-duty engine coolants. It gives heavy-duty liner protection, protects all metal surfaces in the cooling system and prevents deposits and overheating. Its borate/nitrite blend controls cylinder liner cavitation while providing a deposit inhibitor uncommon to commercial antifreeze. It is compatible with conventional ethylene glycol antifreeze and provides extended antifreeze life.

Bar’s Xtreme Controlled Release Coolant Filters control the release of the coolant additives for protection up to 150,000 miles. They are nitrite-sensitive, reducing the possibility of over-treatment, which can damage the system.

Reefer unit
ThermoKing’s V-300 Series is designed for fresh, frozen and deep-frozen applications on small trucks and vans. The V-300 is built on the modular platform of the V-200 series and features Ultra-Slim evaporators, expansion modules and a speedy clip system, which makes installation faster and easier, the company says.

Oval S/T/T LED
Peterson’s 420-3 model, a new oval LED stop/turn/ taillight offers the simplicity of a hard-wired design, plus the brilliance of ultra-bright diodes, the company says. The 420-3 is 6.5 inches wide with seven diodes. It meets FMVSS requirements in any 360-degree position. It is available in grommet or flange-mount models, and operates on 8 to 16 volts.

Autocar expands engine options
Autocar announces new engine offerings in the 2004 Xpeditor WX, WXR and WXLL low-cab-over engine (LCOE) truck models.

Specially engineered “V-rated” engines from Cummins will include the ISM-EGR 285V rated at 285 hp with 1050 lb-ft of torque and the ISM-EGR 320V rated at 320 hp with 1150 lb-ft of torque. Cummins ISM V-rated engines are specifically engineered for severe-duty vocational vehicles.

Autocar will also offer the Caterpillar C-10 diesel fuel bridge engine and the C-10 dual-fuel version. The C-10 is rated at 305 hp with 1050 lb-ft of torque. It is available in WX and WXR models.

Truck and trailer tracking
Truckers Helper’s Fleet Tracks provides real-time truck and trailer tracking. The new tracking system integrates fully into the Truckers Helper fleet management software and can automate IFTA mileage recording, provide instant truck location and limited truck-to-dispatch communication.

Trailer connectors
Del City’s 7-contact truck trailer connector is constructed of heavy gauge drawn steel, is cadmium plated and has a polarized round brass contact. The 40-amp connector is interchangeable with most other 7-contact connectors. The socket cover locks into place providing protection from the elements.

Truck service lift
Gray’s 25-ton air/hydraulic truck service lift has a low starting height of 8 inches and a high lift height of 21 inches when the supplied 3-inch adapter is used. An air-powered ram retracts automatically to reset the ram to its lowest starting height when connected to an air source. The narrow frame slips between dual wheels and lift low tandem axles on trucks and trailers.

Spillblocker dike
New Pig’s two-piece Spillblocker dike is designed to divert and confine liquid without absorbing it. The new design features two 5-foot dikes with built-in keystone connectors. It is made of polyurethane and resists oil, water and many chemicals. It is available in yellow, black and lime green. Additional dikes can be connected. Corners to create 45-degree angles are also available.

Reinforced gladhand connection
Phillips Industries’ Gladiator Grip is designed to provide effective leverage for coupling and uncoupling the gladhand. The product, made of high-strength aluminum, helps to prevent hose breakage. It is also designed to withstand the roughest handling and harshest road salts.

Telescopic service crane
Stellar Industries’ Model 4420 telescopic service crane is available in a 12-volt electric/hydraulic configuration or a full hydraulic configuration. It has a 16,000-lb-ft capacity and can lift a maximum of 4,000 pounds at 4 feet. It uses a planetary winch system, and has a 25-foot per minute single line winch speed and a maximum reach of 20 feet from the center line of the crane.

Shipping form software
Labelmaster’s Masterform takes the time and work out of completing shipping forms. This user-friendly software ensures compliance, saves time and reduces errors, the company says.

Customers will receive the most current regulatory updates and quickly get regulatory information by clicking from the form to the applicable rule. The software stores shipping addresses in the Address Book for easy selection and stores shipment information as templates for retrieval and reuse. Masterform checks shipments against the current requirements to minimize errors and checks quantity, package and carrier information.

Truck scale gets dump valve
A manual dump valve is available with the Right Weigh model 310-64-M onboard analog truck scale. This eliminates the expense of an extra box and saves time by having the gauge and dump valve conveniently located together. The 310-64 was designed for use on tandem axle air suspension systems using a single leveling valve, but it can be adapted for use on single- or tri-axle trailers by using a different gauge.

Roofing system for metal roofs
The iCAG roof coating system reduces energy costs and improves the comfort level inside a facility, the company says. The improvement in comfort level is due to the reduction of infrared heat that is not allowed to penetrate the roof substrate.

The roof coating system includes a ceramic topcoat that contains four ceramics that repel long wave heat energy, short wave heat energy and infrared heat energy. It has an insulation equivalent of R-19 at 7 mils thick or the thickness of a business card, the company says. The roof coating system also waterproofs the roof of the facility with a 10-year leak-proof and rust-proof warranty.

Continuous pack automated side loader
Heil’s CP Python continuous pack automated side loader combines an automated body with an automated arm.

The Rapid Rail (Continuous Pack) body uses high tensile steel in areas subject to high wear, like the floor and hopper walls. Its patented paddle packer design continuously sweeps the

hopper and packs the load. Because this design requires no packer panel to slide into the body, there are also no shoes, guide tracks or guide rails to wear out, and it’s never necessary to clean out behind the packer, the company says.

The CP Python body is designed to make maintenance easier. All hydraulic cylinders are accessible from ground level. The packer cylinder is located under the body, which protects it from refuse contamination, and eliminates the need for technicians to crawl into the body to service it. There are also fewer cylinders to replace.

The Python has a 9-foot reach and can lift up to 2,000 pounds. A 300-gallon lift option is also now available. There are seven sizes, ranging from 16 to 32 cubic yards. Both single and tandem chassis applications are available.

Improved penetrating solvent
Radiator Specialty Co.’s Liquid Wrench has been reformulated for better lubricity, corrosion protection and lower volatile organic compounds. It contains higher solids for better performance, the company says. The new formulation displaces water for corrosion protection while penetrating metal surfaces. It is available in a 4-ounce dropper bottle, an 11-ounce aerosol and a 1-gallon jug with trigger sprayer.

Safety presentation software
J.J. Keller & Associates’ Keller-Soft Safety Presentation Customizer software program brings 50 PowerPoint computer-generated slide presentations into one package. The multi-slide presentations cover a variety of DOT compliance topics as well as transport, OSHA/workplace, construction, hazmat and more.

The slides can be used as is, or they can be customized with company-specific information and photos. Each topic includes instructor’s notes to help users present the training, and a printable sign-in sheet to help document training for each topic.