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Compact data logger
Dickson’s TK500 and SK500 compact economy data loggers are slightly larger than a quarter, allowing them to be placed in very small spaces. The loggers are available in two models: model TK500 for temperature and humidity and model SK500 for temperature. Both models feature a delayed start capability, data storage of almost 4,000 sample points and high accuracy of 1.8 degrees F for temperature and 2 percent for relative humidity. The TK500 and SK500 are also compatible with Dicksonware Secure Software for 21CFR11 Compliance.

High-performance battery
Optima Batteries’ new Group 31 Yellow Top battery with Spiracell technology is an advanced technology battery with enough capacity to allow one battery to be eliminated, thereby decreasing cost and vehicle weight, the company says.

Electrical crimp terminals
Del City’s crimp terminals are available in standard ring, spade, push-on and butt connector styles. Type 4 style terminals are vinyl-insulated with a butted seam. Type 6 terminals are nylon-insulated with a brass sleeve for vibration resistance. Type 9 terminals are available in three different shrink tube styles and provide a secure connection with environmental protection.

Headset and handset assembly cords
Whitney Blake Company offers its fully connected headset and handset assembly cords for vehicle intercom systems and radio telephone handsets. The new cords are manufactured with a Polyurethane jacket and come pre-assembled with all appropriate contacts and connectors for assembly into communication devices. The length and flexibility of the cords give the user a greater range of motion, and the durability of the cords is suitable for the harshest conditions. The choice of connectors can be modified to suit individual requirements. Whitney Blake also designs custom cords to meet specific end-user demands for use in a variety of settings.

Onboard alignment
Cage International’s hydraulic Hydraulign steering linkage system allows instant adjustment of your front-end alignment, the company says. Whenever you run over a pothole or other obstruction, you can simply turn your wheels from lock to lock twice to restore front-wheel alignment. The system allows a heavy impact with a pothole or curb to be absorbed through hydraulic deflection, much the way a shock absorber works.

Chassis and suspension handbook
Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Chassis and Suspension Handbook: How to Build Rugged Off-Road Suspensions for Chevy, Ford, Jeep and Dodge Vehicles is a comprehensive guide on how to design and build a rugged, dependable, high performance suspension and chassis for running off-road. Technical information covered includes: off-road suspension design basics; choosing the best shocks for your vehicle; spring technology; simple axlewrap cures; roll bars, roll cages, chassis braces and skid plates; lift kits for most popular 4x4s; and tire and wheel fitment.

Object detection system
Preco Electronics’ Standard PreView System is designed to detect objects at the side and rear of a vehicle in zones obscured from the operator’s view. SPV uses a patented pulsed time domain radar system, which detects static as well as moving objects in a specific area of desired coverage. Coverage zones of up to 20 feet are available.

Shop management software
Mitchell 1’s OnDemand5 Manager/ManagerPlus Version 5.2 offers key new features including a business summary report; a new customer and vehicle summary report ; a new toolbar icon; and access to the customer contact information from the appointment schedule. Version 5.2 also offers support for Mitchell 1 partner WorldPac, by integrating its SpeedDial Internet parts ordering application.

Tire inflation system
Airgo Systems’ tire inflation system features stationary hub components and a venting process that does not jeopardize vital wheel end components, the company says.

A case-hardened steel and carbon graphite rotary seal is installed outside the hub and vents externally. External venting eliminates the risk of hub pressurization.

The system’s patented, removable expansion plug for sealing the axle installs in fewer than two hours, does not require specialized tools and is easily removed for periodic cleaning of the axle, the company says. It is compatible with all hubcap configurations and axle specifications. The electrical switch is environmentally sealed, providing protection from the elements and eliminating dangerous spiking and sparks.

Chemical labeling and classification book
Labelmaster now carries A New Global Classification and Labeling System for Chemicals (GHS), also referred to as The Purple Book. Approved in September 2002 by the United Nations, the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) protects against the mismanagement of chemicals, classifies chemicals according to their hazard and creates a labeling system based on universally understandable pictograms. GHS will be fully operational by 2008 and will be updated regularly.

Leak detection kits
Snap-on Tools Company’s A/C Leak Detection Kits offer a variety of technologies to detect air conditioning leaks, depending on the situation. The ACTCombo kit offers electronic and ultraviolet leak detection in one complete set. After injecting dye in the A/C system, the included ACT755 detector senses for refrigerant gas leaks while the UV dye-enhancing light visually identifies the leaks. The UV

dye left in the system helps locate leaks again later. It senses refrigerant gases at levels as low as 0.1 ounce per year. The detector’s flexible 6-inch probe with built-in dye-enhancing light combines with an electronic processor to detect leaks that are intermittent or difficult to locate. Tri-color LEDs indicate the size of leaks, while touch-key controls enable the user to reset the detector and adjust its sensitivity.

The ACTCombo kit also includes a UV dye injector with 25 applications of A/C dye, R134a connection hose, R12 refrigerant adapter, 25 information labels, dye cleaner, UV enhancing glasses, user manual and protective carrying case. The detector operates for up to 30 hours on two alkaline batteries, and its sensor tip provides approximately 20 hours of use before requiring replacement.

When UV technology alone is sufficient, the Snap-on ACTUVQuadkt A/C Leak Detection Kit delivers an accurate and easy-to-use solution. The 12-inch flexible wand features four ultra bright LED UV lights, which enhance UV dye leak visibility. The Snap-on ACTUVQuadkt A/C Leak Detection Kit also includes UV enhancing glasses, 10 applications of A/C dye, R134a connection hose, R12 refrigerant adapter, 10 information labels, 1 ounce of coolant dye and 1 ounce oil/fuel/ATF replacement dye.

Redesigned credit reports
CompuNet Credit Services had made several changes to its credit report format. In addition to freight bill payment history, the report now includes a general business credit information summary from Experian, to give carriers an overall view of an account’s potential risk. In addition, CompuNet has added a 15-month average-days-to-pay graph for tracking payment trends, and an activity graph, which shows how often a company’s credit report was pulled in the last 15 months. They have also added e-mail addresses for contacts when available.

Flow indicator
Oil-Rite’s Sight-Rite flow indicator is designed for applications where visual inspection is critical and liquid output is required in a safety margin. Sight-Rite was designed to enhance the PurgeX line of injector pumps, but may be used for any lubrication or process equipment line that carries a pulse of fluid of less than 0.012 cubic inches. It permits checking of fluid flow at a glance via a green LED light. It is manufactured from epoxy and acetyl to resist chemicals and solvents. The internal mechanisms are constructed from brass and stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion under the most adverse conditions.

Truck lighting safety program
Grote’s new Know-How program covers truck lighting and electrical systems. The program is based on multi-media programmed instruction techniques and includes: two self study guides that cover the basics of vehicle electrical systems; a concentrated version of the self-study guides in an interactive DVD format; an interactive self-study course available over the Internet; full color posters highlighting key concepts in installation and troubleshooting; illustrated solution sheets for the most common lighting problems; certifications that recognize test completions; and materials to help vocational or technical schools teach the basics of vehicle safety systems.

Heating and cooling system
Espar’s Total Comfort System provides heating and cooling without the need to idle, the company says. The two lines of independent, electrically driven air conditioning systems include the Bergstrom NITE sytem, an under-the-bunk mounted system that has a 3,000 BTU/hour output and the DC Airco System, a rooftop mounted system that has a 9,000 BTU/hour output.

Espar’s Airtronic 2 heating system is a diesel-fired bunk heater that weighs 6 pounds. It can be installed virtually anywhere inside a truck.

Fifth wheel selection guide
Holland’s fifth wheel selection guide provides all the necessary information to help spec the proper fifth wheel for most applications. It features sections on how to use the guide, items to consider before selecting a fifth wheel as well as selection tables for various trailer applications.
Sections on options, locating and installing the fifth wheel and a glossary are also included.

Trailer suspension
Ridewell Suspensions lightweight 25,000-pound cap. integrated trailer air suspension system is designed for platform, tank, dump, grain and specialized trailers. The system offers a variety of 5-inch round, non-captured

axles to allow for axle maintenance or replacement while preserving other parts. Its double-bonded manual clamp-in pivot bushing can be installed or replaced with common shop tools. The new Ridelite pivot bolt requires a torque of 450 pounds-feet. The unit includes a patent-pending “Speed Set” alignment feature, which allows for 1-inch adjustment at the hanger. Pre-mounted shock brackets and attachable, no-weld valve mounts assure ease of installation, the company says. A patented contoured axle seat optimizes axle weldment by decreasing stress concentrations. U-bolts are not required.

Easier-to-use FMCSA regulations book
In Labelmaster’s newest edition of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, the regulation interpretations follow the sections they reference. The regulations from 49 CFR parts 40 and 325 through 399 cover all aspects of trucking from CDL requirements to vehicle maintenance. Readers will find updated information on highway routing, drug testing, driver training and log books.

The book also features an outline format for quick reference. The books come in an 81/2″-inch x11-inch management edition and a 4-inch x 6-inch pocket edition.

Height control valve
Haldex Air Management and Suspension Controls Division’s patented Precision Response Height Control Valve uses a single dynamic seal made from ceramic material rather than conventional synthetic rubber seals. A longer, more robust shaft design increases the durability of the valve shaft. The shaft design, combined with the bearing materials, eliminates wear-induced ride height variation.

An adjustable control arm design enables accurate, quick adjustment during installation. Customizable manifold port configurations improve the piping routing. Using less piping and a simpler piping configuration reduces chances for air leaks, helping to improve reliability and performance, the company says.

Exhaust brake
Pacbrake now offers a micro-processor controlled exhaust brake in a 4-inch exhaust pipe version. The MCXB comes in applications for Cummins B, ISB, C, ISC and ISL; Caterpillar 3116, 3126, 3126B and 3126E; and Navistar HT530E, DT466E and DT530E engines. The MCXB electronically adjusts and closes off more at lower RPM, providing adequate supplemental braking without the need to downshift.

Crane service body
Auto Crane’s Titan 50 Crane Service Body features a one-piece side pack, constructed of 10-gauge galvanneal and an internal hinge design. The Titan comes standard with LED lights, advanced T-handle door latches and a new slammable tailgate that can be operated with one hand, the company says.

The Titan’s standard available capacity is more than 182 cubic feet. Additionally, a new bumper and outrigger design are available, as well as such options as interior rope lighting, a master lock system and custom fit tool boxes.

Fog light rocker switch
Cole Hersee’s Fog Light Rocker Switch fits panels of many cars, trucks, and RVs. The SPST Off-On switch is imprinted with the SAE fog light symbol and is part of Cole Hersee’s line of weather-resistant rocker switches. The switches contain silver contacts to provide superior conduction compared to standard brass and copper contacts. An internal gasket seal protects against adverse weather conditions and contaminants, such as salt, dirt and grease. The switch easily snaps into place into standard holes on the dash.

Eaton transmission in Kenworth trucks
Kenworth now offers the Eaton Fuller Lightning 10-speed manual transmission for its T600, T800, W900, T2000 and C500 models. The transmission, rated at 1,550 and 1,650 lb.-ft. of torque, features an aluminum clutch housing, electric splitter button control knob and selectable Top-2 automated shifting between the top two gears. It can be spec’d with Caterpillar C-10, C-12 and C-15 and the

RhinoHub lubrication system
RhinoHub’s lubrication system is easy to install, completely eliminates bearing repacking, keeps dirt and water out and allows the grease level to be easily checked, the company says. RhinoHub works because the axle hub is filled with grease until the grease forces the RhinoHub piston outward about 1/2 inch. Because the piston is spring loaded, the piston exerts a slight pressure against the grease. All air is eliminated from the hub. As the wheel and bearings heat up under a load and the grease expands, the piston moves outward to allow for the expansion. An automatic pressure relief feature prevents over-filling and over pressurization. Grease can be added to the hub through an easily accessible grease fitting located in the center of the piston.

Smart air suspension control
Hadley Products’ SAMS (Smart Air Management System) is an electronically controlled system designed to reduce excessive air consumption for vehicles with a mechanical height control valve system. The system has multiple programmable options. An axle weighing system can be incorporated.

Online HAZMAT planner
Efleetmgmt’s efleet HazMat Planner is a comprehensive Internet-based program for contingency planning, communication and managing and reporting hazmat spills. Created by Spill Center in partnership with efleetmgmt, the service gives transporters, shippers and other companies involved with hazardous materials 24/7 access to information and expertise needed to respond, report and take care of releases anywhere.

Through the service, a subscriber can get help before or after a hazardous material spill. Subscribers can also view claims activities and audit invoices online. HazMat Planner also offers expertise for negotiating and settling claims. Subscribers pay an annual fee or an hourly rate to cover after-hour services or for specific emergencies.

Self-Contained, portable pressure washer
Hotsy’s Model 871SS self-contained pressure washer allows for hot water cleaning in locations where electrical power isn’t available. Its 7-hp gas engine delivers a 2.7 gpm at 2400 psi to blast away dirt and grime.

Primer surfacer
PPG’s MP282 SV High Build 2K Primer Surfacer is designed for use with the Omni line. MP282 is a two-component, gray primer surfacer featuring high build, fast dry properties and can be used over a wide variety of properly prepared substrates.

MP282 can be used over steel, galvanized metal and aluminum, provided the metal has been etch-or epoxy-primed, sanded and cleaned. It can also be applied over sanded and cleaned body filler, fiberglass and SMC substrates as well as OEM and refinish coated surfaces.

Roll-top storage unit
New Pig’s Pig 4-drum roll-top hardcover storage unit provides protection for up to four drums with room for pumps and funnels. The corrosion-resistant, weather-tight roll-top design keeps drums secure. Lockable doors and roll-top covers open from both sides of the unit and slide out of the way for quick access to pumps and funnels. It features two-way forklift entry for easy movement and is attached to a heavy-duty, low profile 75-gallon containment pallet. Leaks and spills are contained in the sump, making the unit 40 CFR 122.6-compliant. It is also compliant with 40 CFR 264.175 for containment of hazardous waste.

Open-shoulder regional drive tire
BFGoodrich Commercial Truck Tires’ DR424 regional drive tire, designed to deliver features an aggressive, open-shoulder tread design with tread compounds tailored for regional service. It is available in 10R22.5, 11R22.5, 11R24.5, 275/80R22.5 and 275/80R24.5 sizes, all in Load Range G.

Engine filtration system
Donaldson’s Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) muffler and Spiracle closed crankcase ventilation (CCV) filtration system enable users to retrofit diesel engines with a set of devices that reduce diesel engine emissions from the tailpipes and engine crankcase vents of medium and heavy-duty trucks and school buses, the company says.

The Spiracle Filtration Systems keep the crankcase clean through a two-stage filtration process. The unit has a replaceable filter, a pressure relief valve to prevent pressure build-up in the crankcase, a bottom-drain oil sump connection to return coalesced oil to the engine and a top-load design for easy serviceability. The Spiracle filter change-out is designed to coincide with the engine manufacturer’s oil change interval requirements.

The DOC muffler/Spiracle filtration system meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Voluntary Retrofit Program warranty requirements and has received the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board Level 1 verification.

Side-mounted walk ramp
TODCO’s FlipSide side-mounted walk ramp is lightweight for ease of maneuverability, but is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum. A tread plank interlock system also adds strength along the length of the ramp. The FlipSide features large rubber wheels, which allow for easier movement over rough surfaces. They retract automatically when the ramp is fully unfolded. An open-grate aluminum, skid-resistant ramp surface gives the user extra traction up and down the ramp and helps prevent the build-up of mud, snow or ice. Heavy-duty handles on the leading edge and sides of the ramp to make unfolding, folding and positioning easier and safer.