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Suspension system
Hendrickson ( has added a 54-inch-wide box to its Vantraax family of slider suspension systems to accommodate wide-based single tires designed to replace the conventional dual-tire arrangement. Replacing each dual-wheel combination with a single-tire configuration combined with the lightweight Vantraax system could save more than 350 pounds for each trailer, the company says. The wide box is available in a 40,000-pound capacity with an 83.5-inch axle track and all standard equipment and options, including Hendrickson’s Intraax air suspension system and K-2 slider technology designed for added durability. The wide Vantraax features Hendrickson’s rigid axle/beam connection combined with the company’s Tri-Functional Bushing for softer ride and more stability. The bracing is designed to deliver outstanding strength-to-weight ratio for longer life, and full-length pads provide durability and easy slider movement. System components include the first standard trailer Cam Tube System, designed to reduce S-cam maintenance; Quik-Align for faster, easier and more accurate axle alignment; and tighter axle tolerances to help stretch fuel mileage and tire life. Options include Hendrickson’s fully pneumatic Quik-Draw that eliminates manual slider pin pulling, Tiremaax automatic tire inflation system and a wide selection of wheel ends.

Heavy-duty brake tester
Hunter’s ( B400T Heavy-Duty Brake Tester performs a complete brake performance test on multi-axle vehicles in 60 seconds or less. The B400T uses a PC-based system with Hunter’s exclusive WinSI software to measure brake forces and vehicle weight at each wheel on multi-axle vehicles, such as tractors and semi-trailers; tandem-axle tractors and buses; and two-axle vehicles, including passenger cars and light trucks.

Single-, tandem- and triple-axle vehicles can be tested with full loads. To perform the test, a technician simply drives the vehicle onto the tester plates and applies the brakes. The precision load cells within the plates automatically measure a variety of brake performance conditions, which then are digitally transferred to the computer, analyzed and displayed on the monitor in color-coded charts.

The B400T identifies many conditions that affect brake performance: axle-to-axle imbalance; left-to-right imbalance; static weight, dynamic weight and weight shift; rollover propensity; and parking or emergency brake.

Hi Count LED lighting
Grote Industries’ ( line of Hi Count LED lighting for heavy-duty vehicles, which includes popular sizes of clearance/marker and stop/tail/turn applications, features LED technology with as many as 12 times the diodes of standard lighting.

The lights are designed for quick “plug and go” retrofit by using standard incandescent wire termination. They are interchangeable with either traditional incandescent or newer LED technology. The new lights appeal to style-conscious truck owners, with the multiple LEDs arranged in a clean, concentric layout. Chrome accessories for both red and yellow applications are included for beehive, square-corner, round and turtleback designs. Theft-resistant mountain flanges also are available.

Grote Hi Count lights meet all applicable state and federal safety specifications.

Waste oil-fired heater
Lanair’s ( waste oil-fired heaters run on used engine oil and transmission fluid, helping to reduce heating and fuel bills, as well as oil disposal costs. Several packages are available for Lanair’s entire line of products, from heater-only options to complete system installation.

Dry van series
Utility Trailer’s ( 4000D-X 80X series of dry vans are designed specifically to meet recently adopted Mexican trailer regulations. The dry van features a patented, steel-lined “sandwich” wall design that offers a full 101-inch of ID width from wearband to wearband. The dry van’s wider inside width accommodates a large variety of load types and also provides load securement with A-slot posts every 24 inches of the trailer length. Additional attributes include a galvanized 80,000-psi high-tensile steel low-profile wearband.

Improved liftgates
Thieman Tailgates’ ( Toplifter series liftgate, the TT-15, with a 42-inch or 44-inch platform, now is rated at a 15,000-pound capacity. The TT-15 has Nitrotec pins and polytube bushings standard at all pivot points. It comes standard with a 5,000-pound tow-rated bumper and dual cylinders for maximum lifting capacity and stability. Torsion Assist is included on all 42-inch-deep steel platforms for easier opening and closing. Available options include a variety of platform materials, a light kit, an in-cab shut-off switch and remote pendant controls.

Thieman also has made several improvements to its M-series stowaway liftgates. The M-Series now is available in a 3,000-pound capacity with the M-30. The M-30 is available with a platform size of 72-by-36 inches with a 6-inch ramp, or 84-by-36 inches with a 6-inch ramp. Models M-16, M-20 and M-25 now are available with a platform size of 84-by-42 inches with a 10-inch aluminum flip ramp. The platform is a wedge-style platform, meaning it has a slight tilt from the rear of the platform to the ground. The optional pintle hook attachment no longer is available as a bolt-on style for the M-gate. The new attachment uses a 2-inch receiver tube for towing needs. The pintle attachment must be ordered with the liftgate and cannot be retrofitted to fit an existing liftgate.

Brushless alternator
Delco Remy ( has updated its 50DN heavy-duty brushless alternator for improved performance and reliability in a full range of challenging applications. The 50DN now combines the benefits of vibration-resistant brushless construction with a new stator and terminal assembly. The Long Life Stator (LLS) assembly consists of a one-piece insulator with rigid leads to eliminate electrical grounds and shorts; increased-diameter copper leads and the removal of lead insulation result in greater surface contact with internal cooling oil, which helps address heat-related performance issues. The new, highly durable seal and collar assembly is designed to reduce friction-related wear and increase the unit’s pressure-handling capacity.

Sealed toggle switch
Waytek’s ( new sealed toggle switch is completely weather-resistant and sealed from the environment. It has a weather-resistant plastic coating with an O-ring seal in the stem. The toggle switch features a chrome bat handle and comes with a stamped metal on-off indicator plate. The mounting stem is 15/32 inches in diameter and 3/8 inches long.

Custom splashguards, mudflaps
Custom splashguards and mudflaps from Road Guard Systems ( are made of polyethylene and recycled rubber, and are manufactured using the newest, state-of-the-art hot-stamp imprinting technology, the company says. Customers can purchase one or multiple flaps, custom-imprinted with choice of logo and lettering in a variety of colors and sizes.

Universal drive tool
Link Tools’ ( Ratcheting UniDriver, a universal 1/4-inch drive tool that connects at both ends, combines all the functions of a speeder, extension and screwdriver. The tool can loosen or tighten attachments rapidly clockwise or counter-clockwise. When set in the neutral position, the tool can be used with a ratchet handle “plugged” into the top of the handle for greater torque. The Ratcheting UniDriver and the ratchet also can are alternated, forward and back, resulting in twice as much turning power, the company says.

Storage module
Remstar International’s ( new Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is designed to provide increased levels of storage capacity. The Shuttle XP VLM stores items in 1-inch increments, providing up to 50 percent more capacity and saving up to 85 percent of previously wasted floor space, the company says. The design allows users to store various-sized parts within the VLM. Remstar’s technology combines controls, dual level tray spacers, shelf rails and a light curtain to scan every tray’s height automatically in 1-inch increments. For example, a tray with a 3.1-inch-tall box placed for storage automatically would be stored in a 4-inch-high area; the system measures the box as it passes onto the lift platform and determines that a four-inch high space is needed, thereby increasing storage capacity. The Shuttle XP VLM also is designed to handle heavier loads up to 132,000 pounds and reach up to 65 feet tall to maximize overhead storage. Optional 34-inch tray depths provide additional space savings and increased capacity within the same unit.

Chassis black frame paint
Montana Products’ ( FE42 Chassis black frame paint is a slow-drying, economical protective coating for chassis, engine compartments and miscellaneous parts finishing. It has excellent adhesion and impact resistance, the company says. FE42 is chemically resistant to fuels when thoroughly cured and catalyzed. The coating protects metal bodies from rusting.

Tire pressure system
Safer Corporation (, which imports international transportation products for the American market, is offering the Vigia Automatic Tire Pressure (ATP) system. Unlike other ATP systems, Vigia (Spanish for sentry or guardian) has the ability to be installed on solid axles, allowing it to be used on trucks, buses and RVs as well as trailers. Unlike other ATP systems, the filtered air travels through a dedicated pipe distributed directly to each tire; other systems pressurize the hollow axle to transport air to the tire. Additionally, since Vigia uses back pressure valves, any defect in a single tire will not affect other tires. Even if there is a blowout, only that tire is affected; all other tires will stay at their calibrated pressure, the company says. Because it employs an electronic valve, Vigia “shoots” the air at a much faster rate, 120 psi, versus “trickling” the air like mechanical valves. If the preset tire pressure in any tire drops a mere 3 psi from its calibrated level, air is released to the tire immediately. If the tire continues to lose air, Vigia will maintain the calibrated pressure until the driver can stop to have it repaired. The driver is kept aware of the entire process through an alert system in the control panel. In the case of catastrophic air loss, Vigia is equipped with two safety valves that prevent the vehicle’s air supply from falling below 70 psi. Should the air supply fall near 70 psi, Vigia discontinues taking air from the tank while the control panel flashes a red light, alerting the driver so that a safe pullover can be accomplished.

Voltage-monitoring system
Shockwatch ( has added a voltage-monitoring function to its Shockswitch ID and RFID units to extend battery life and reduce failures of electric components in electric forklift truck motors and relay contacts. The voltage meter detects low voltage, which means higher amperage and more heat, and produces an audible alarm for immediate alert. Shockswitch ID and RFID are devices that control driver access to lift trucks, and monitor and record impact events during operation. The units require drivers to prove identity before the lift can be operated. Access control features can determine whether the driver has up-to-date training qualifications and authorization for the truck, and notify the operator and management of a pending lapse in certification or a need for scheduled maintenance. The units also monitor for excessive forklift impacts and record any such impacts under the driver’s ID number or name.

Talking travel guide
The Talking Road Whiz from Ultradata Systems ( is a pocket-sized electronic device that provides distance, directions and driving time to more than 80,000 services located near interstate roads across the United States. Just key in the state, interstate highway, direction being traveled and the closest mile marker; the TRW then prompts the user to choose a desired restaurant, gas station, hotel, shopping center or other service, and will display and speak information about that location. The TRW also will provide step-by-step driving directions and driving times between 250 of the largest cities in the nation.

Human resources manual
J.J. Keller & Associates’ ( new manual, HR for Motor Carriers, is designed to help carriers manage day-to-day human resources issues, establish necessary policies and procedures, and stay up-to-date on legal issues that affect trucking companies and private fleets. The 700-plus-page manual is attorney-reviewed and provides a wide range of essential human resources information and labor-related material. It explains regulatory requirements in easy-to-understand terms, includes best practices and provides information on how to handle transport-specific issues like driver qualification, alcohol and drug testing and driver retention. The manual also includes information for a range of topics including management, recruiting, new employees, compensation, benefits, employee relations, workers’ compensation, employee separation and recordkeeping. In addition, the manual includes sample forms and documents, checklists, definitions and other helpful tools.