Pacbrake’s New PRXB Kits for Dodge Diesel Trucks are Available Now!

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With 1/3 more retarding horsepower than a fixed orifice exhaust brake at 1500 RPM and the same easy direct installation, PRXB is a revolutionary advancement in exhaust brake technology.

The Dodge PRXB exhaust brake has been engineered to maximize braking power as the new superior design allows for constant backpressure as engine speeds change, maintaining optimum retarding performance through the entire RPM range. Silent retarding allows the driver safety and control in the busiest urban areas where engine brakes are prohibited.

Installing the PRXB on the Dodge diesel truck will enhance exhaust brake performance at mid-range decreasing the number of brake relines by as many as 5 times over the life of the vehicle. The customer could save up to $7500 in maintenance costs which increases their return on investment and more importantly provides added control for peace of mind.