Highway Watch issues alert for stolen tanker

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The Highway Watch program’s Highway ISAC has issued a formal “Be On the Lookout” or BOLO requesting assistance from members of the trucking and law enforcement community to help find a missing tanker truck that is believed to have been stolen in Pennsylvania.

The BOLO, issued the morning of Thursday, Oct. 13th, relates to an empty fuel tanker that is believed to have been stolen from the parking lot of Pop’s Grill on State Road 41 in Avondale.

The Pennsylvania State Police believes that the tanker was stolen between Oct. 7 and 10. Law enforcement has identified the stolen trailer as a 1975 silver Trailmobile 40-foot fuel tanker, VIN No. M40514, with no registration plate. The trailer has the number 109 in black, four-inch letters on the front. Preliminary investigation by Pennsylvania State Police indicated that the tanker was among several other empty tankers in the lot.

“The Highway ISAC believes this to be a legitimate concern, and we are committed to working with law enforcement across the nation to resolve the situation as soon as possible,” said Don L. Rondeau, director of the Highway ISAC.

Persons with information about the stolen tanker can call the Highway ISAC at 866-821-3444.