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VT800 specifications
· 134-inch BBC
· 43.1-inch front axle position
· Volvo D16 or Cummins ISX engines
· Eaton RTO, RTLO (10-, 13 – and 18-speed) or Eaton Autoshift (10- and 18-speed) transmissions
· 11.81 – x 3.54-inch frame rails
· 38,000 – 40,000-lb. Volvo air suspension
· 40,000 – 46,000-lb. Volvo non-torque reactive suspension
· 12,000 – 13,200-lb. front axle, spring suspension
· 40,000 – 46,000-lb. rear axle, Amboid, Meritor

High-horsepower daycab
Volvo Trucks North America has introduced a daycab version of its VT880, the VT800. The daycab, like the longhaul VT880, comes standard with a Volvo D16 engine, with horsepower ratings from 500 to 625, and torque of 1850 to 2250 lb.-ft. Typical applications are heavy-haul flatbed or lowboy, bulk haul, grain body, livestock hauler, tanker, and double – and triple-trailer combinations. Performance is enhanced by a 45-degree wheel cut, for a tight turning radius and maneuverability. Driver visibility is improved because of the sloping hood, the driver seating position and the huge one-piece windshield. Projection beam headlights also improve nighttime visibility on the right side of the truck, according to Volvo.
Volvo Trucks North America

Modified platform slider system
Hendrickson’s INTRAAX platform sliders now accommodate a stop bar and feature additional cross-member openings for enhanced plumbing and wiring options. New platform slider boxes feature notches in the ends of the main rail for use with industry-standard stop bars. Furthermore, the pin boxes have been refined to provide a more robust seat for the stop bars. Platform sliders now come fitted with a redesigned D-shaped locking pin and modified collar, a revision that also pertains to all Hendrickson sliding suspension systems.
Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems

Lubricants for vehicle lifts
Rotary has announced a line of lubricants formulated specifically for vehicle lifts. The Rotary Lubrication Products line includes grease, hydraulic lift fluid, oil fortifier and penetrating oil, all designed to meet strict OE standards, according to the company.

  • Rotary Grease, developed to lubricate Rotary vehicle lifts and other applications, is designed to perform without melting under extreme pressure and high temperature conditions. Rotary Grease, designed to offer extended protection against corrosion and wear, features superior water-resistance to help it stand firm against water that would wash away other greases. Rotary Grease, which contains no metallic components that can cause damaging friction, is available in 14-ounce tubes that fit standard grease guns.
  • Rotary Hydraulic Lift Fluid is used to top off or fill the power units of any Rotary surface or inground lift. This hydraulic fluid is designed to prevent friction and shudder, while fortifying against rust, corrosion, foaming and component wear. Unlike some heavier oils, Rotary Hydraulic Lift Fluid is designed to resist the thickening that can slow lift performance in colder temperatures. It is available in a 32-ounce container and a five-gallon pail.
  • Rotary Oil Fortifier is designed to provide an added boost of slickness to various industrial oils, including hydraulic. By reducing friction, it decreases heat buildup, hydraulic chatter, slip-stick and component wear, the company says. Rotary Oil Fortifier is designed to prevent gum and varnish formation. The oil fortifier, available in a 16-ounce bottle, does not contain Teflon, graphite, lead or other solids.
  • Rotary Penetrating Oil is designed for lubricating vehicle lift cables and chains, and to quickly loosen frozen parts and bolts. The company says the oil displaces moisture as it penetrates and loosens, leaving behind a protective coating that prevents rusting. The oil, available in a 12-ounce can with spray nozzle accessory, can be used in the shop wherever pipe threads, joints or couplings are seizing.

Rotary Lift

Protective wrap for equipment
Protective Packaging Corp. calls its ProtectWrap an “outdoor grade” shrink film that contains corrosion inhibitors and UV protection. ProtectWrap was conceived for applications requiring outdoor storage or transit of large pieces of equipment, such as tanks, compressors, electrical apparatus, generators, road equipment and cranes. According to the company, it will keep dust, bugs and other highway hazards off a protected product, as well as keep corrosion from happening without becoming brittle and cracking from sun exposure. The inflammable product, available in a thickness range of 4 to 10 millimeters, is available in rolls up to 40 feet wide and 200 feet long; larger coverage areas can be protected by overlapping material and bonding the sections with a heat gun. To apply, wrap the film around the equipment, then apply heat to the film; the film is designed to shrink around the product, cooling to a tight fit without sticking to the product. ProtectWrap, which can be removed easily with scissors or knife, won’t tear when punctured, the company says.
Protective Packaging Corp.

Folding portable ladder
The Deck Mate folding portable ladder is designed to allow safer, easier access to truck trailers, both vans and flatbeds. The ladder measures 30 inches when folded and is designed to unfold to a convenient working angle when attached to any trailer equipped with a matching bolt-on socket. According to the company, the strong, light Deck Mate weighs 20 pounds, yet provides a 400-pound capacity for loading and unloading. Safety features for the powder-painted ladder include anti-skid steps, reflective markers and non-pinch hinges, the company says.
Deck Mate

Low-profile Class 5
International Truck and Engine Corp. has launched the International 4100, a Class 5 conventional truck designed for a variety of medium-duty applications such as construction, landscaping, flatbed operations, service body, dry van and utility service. The 4100, available in 17,800 and 19,500 GVW ratings, is equipped with an International VT365 engine rated at 230 horsepower and 540 lb.-ft. torque, and an Allison 1000 Series transmission. The truck is built on a low-profile frame for easy loading and unloading, the company says. Other features include:

  • Available air-ride suspension and optional crew cab or extended cab;
  • Frame ladder system supported by a 7-year limited warranty;
  • Commercial-grade, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes equipped with 15-inch rotors;
  • International Diamond Logic self-diagnosing system; and
  • Available Aware Vehicle Intelligence, a comprehensive telematics offering for improved fleet productivity.

International Truck and Engine Corp.

Plastic fan for heavy-duty applications
Horton’s high-efficiency WindMaster Plastic HS11 Fan is designed for cooling EGR engines in heavy-duty trucks. The 11-blade fan, available in diameters from 28 to 34 inches, features a computer-optimized blade design to minimize deflections and reduce fan stress, providing more stable airflow and efficiency, the company says.
Horton Inc.

Filters for Fords
Donaldson Co. has designed an aftermarket air cleaner and replacement filter for Ford 7.3-liter diesel engine trucks used in dusty air conditions. The system can be used on 1999-2003 model year F250-550 Super Duty trucks. The filter, which uses the company’s PowerCore Filtration Technology, has twice the amount of filter media as conventional pleated media often used in traditional engine filtration solutions, according to the company. The upgraded air cleaner is designed for greater dust-holding capacity and efficiency, with no impact to airflow and engine performance as compared to the originally installed air induction system.
Donaldson Co.

Truck bed extension
Waltco’s optional swing door-compatible bed extension is designed to make liftgates and swing doors more compatible and efficient. The extension is a 1/4-inch diamond-plate steel platform that extends the bed of the truck by 10 inches; a hinged, flip-away center panel creates a smooth transition from liftgate to truck floor, then flips away to access door-securing hardware. When operating the liftgate, the panel is flipped up to create the smooth surface necessary for cargo transport; when the liftgate is down and it’s time to close the doors, the panel flips down out of the way, exposing the hardware necessary to close and secure the door.
Waltco Truck Equipment Co.

High-flow pumps
Viking Pump’s high-capacity pumps are designed for terminals and tank farms. Self-priming, with suction lift capability, they can be mounted above the liquid level for unloading tankers. Because they operate in either direction, the same Viking pump may be used for both loading and unloading to eliminate the cost of a second pump. Terminal applications include petroleum products, vegetable oils, animal fats and oils, chemicals, asphalt, molasses, alcohols, fertilizers and many other bulk liquids. The company says the gear pumps handle viscosities from 28 to 2,000,000 SSU with capacities up to 1,500 gallons per minute; the lobe pumps, in bi-wing or multi-lobe designs, provide low shear and pressures up to 400 psi on medium to high viscosities, with capacities to 1,000 gpm. The relatively slow rotational speed is designed to add service life and minimize maintenance, compared to high-speed vane, screw or centrifugal pumps.
Viking Pump Inc.

Electrical circuit testers
Phillips Industries’ electrical circuit testers are designed to locate shorts, grounds and open circuits: The clear handle glows when the circuit is complete. The testers are available in both compact and full-sized versions.
Phillips Industries

High-security lock
Transport Security’s Enforcer Adjustable Lock No. 1217, designed to provide maximum security for trailers and containers, is formed from 10-gauge chrome-plated spring steel and features a ductile cast-iron locking component. The Enforcer is engineered for 1/2-inch locking increments, allowing for a tighter fit on virtually every container and trailer, according to Transport Security. The lock is secured with the hardened steel housing and boron shackle of the Abloy padlock, which is designed for extensive master-keying options, to resist physical attack and to perform in harsh environments. The Enforcer requires no permanent installation and can be moved from one container or trailer to another, the company says.
Transport Security

Redesigned drop decks
Reinke Manufacturing has added a variety of features to its drop deck trailer model – including redesigned wheel wells and a side rail drop section – all designed to increase performance and improve strength. The model now has refined wheel wells that no longer extend up into the floor of the drop deck, a change that the company says increases floor strength and improves structural integrity over the wheel wells. Improvements to the side rail include a new connection at the drop section and bolting the lower deck side rail to the drop section, which adds additional strength and flexibility, according to Reinke. The drop deck trailers are available in 45 – to 53-foot lengths and 96 – or 102-inch widths. Beam capacity is 50,000 pounds in a 4-feet working load rating when load is astride main beams. Trailers come standard with Reinke’s Super Floor and an “S” shape neck design.
Reinke Manufacturing Co.

Long-life tridem drives
Dana’s Commercial Vehicle Systems group has introduced three Dana Spicer tridem drive axles designed to reduce lifecycle costs and improve reliability, while giving customers a wide range of application-specific axle options. The T69-170HP Series, rated up to 200,000 pounds GCWR, is suited for various vocational applications including construction, heavy haul and logging. The T78-190P Series, rated up to 240,000 pounds GCWR, is designed for oil field and mining applications that often require superior traction and a high gross weight capacity. The T78-590P Series, rated up to 240,000 pounds GCWR, is suited for vocational applications requiring high gross weight capacities in combination with high numerical ratio availability.

According to Dana, the new models also feature: a threaded input adjuster that sets end play in the power divider for closer adjustment without the use of shims, eliminating a potential leak path and improving reliability; a hypoid gearing design that improves interaxle driveline angles to minimize vibration; an on-demand lube pump that reduces temperatures as much as 20 percent, extending lubricant life and reducing internal friction and wear; and threaded differential bearings with integrated adjusters that maximize life by providing continuous adjustments and allowing precise settings of gears and bearings.
Dana Commercial Vehicle Systems

Light-duty dump
Heil Environmental Truck Equipment Group has updated its Yardbird dump body, designed for a variety of light-duty applications including landscaping, masonry, utilities and construction. The Yardbird features Heil’s patented DuraClass design, with a continuous-formed body sidewall and fully enclosed top rail to provide superior resistance to moisture and corrosion, the company says. The double-wall body side, full-depth rear corner posts and enclosed front corner posts combine with an interlaced subframe to provide the Yardbird with additional strength and rigidity, according to Heil. The Yardbird now comes standard with Heil’s 1520 hoist, which is powered by a 5-inch cylinder for maximum lift and payload delivery. The body also features a heavy-duty platform hinge, quick-release upper tailgate pins and a choice of electric or PTO drive. The Yardbird is available in a variety of sizes from 2 to 4.5 cubic yards and lengths from 8 to 12 feet.
Heil Environmental Truck Equipment Group

Lubricity additive
Amalgamated Inc., a custom-blender of diesel fuel additives, has developed the Amal-081503-Lub-50 Lubricity Additive, a package that the company says has been laboratory-tested on various current No. 2-D low-sulfur-diesel productions and nine different ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuels. According to the company, the documented results indicate the lubricity additive effectively counters poor lubricity content of all types of diesel fuels. The product is designed as a blend of lubricity agent compounds that enhance the lubrication value of distillates. Additionally, the custom-formulated additive package has a user-friendly viscosity for ease of injection and a substantially low natural pour point (-30 F/-34 C) for improved handling and storage, Amalgamated says. The lubricity additive is available in bulk truckload shipments, 330-gallon totes and 55-gallon drums.
Amalgamated Inc.

Cantilever-style liftgate
Maxon Lift Corp.’s cantilever-style GPC X1 series liftgate – an all-extruded aluminum, wedge-style platform – is engineered for easy installation and minimal maintenance. The company says its X1 Technology simplifies the entire lifting mechanism of the liftgate, permitting the elimination of two cylinders on higher capacity models. The GPC X1, which comes fully assembled, also features a service switch mounted in the power unit to allow the service mechanic to pilot and test all lift functions: If necessary, the liftgate can be operated using this device. Other features include a sealed control box with marine-style electrical switches, grease-free bearings, a waterproof handheld remote control, dual cart stops, a cab power cutoff switch and a flat platform surface ideal for decals. The GPC X1 is available in three standard capacities – 2,200, 3,300 and 4,400 pounds – and six platform size configurations.
Maxon Lift Corp.

Infra-red heaters
The Suntube IV-VM Versamount series of gas-fired infra-red heaters from Solaronics is a low-intensity system designed for easy mounting. Both the straight and U-tube models feature heavy-duty 12-gauge black, steel heat-exchanger tubes – twice the thickness of the industry norm, according to the company – with inputs ranging from 40,000 to 200,000 btuh. Solaronics says the heaters, which operate on natural or LP/propane gas, can help save up to 75 percent of energy costs.

Help for exhaust brakes
Pacbrake’s ATS Commander and ATS Co-Pilot – automatic locking modules for automatic vehicles equipped with exhaust brakes – are designed to improve retarding power and eliminate the need for downshifting. Applications for the ATS Commander include Ford vehicles from 1994 through mid-2002, and Dodge vehicles from 1994 to before July 26, 2004; while those for the ATS Co-Pilot include Dodge vehicles built after July 26, 2004. The two systems are programmed to put the converter in lockup during exhaust brake retarding, thereby maximizing the effects of the retarding horsepower and improving performance. Their internal computers are programmed to disengage lockup under many conditions that often inhibit the performance of an exhaust brake. According to Pacbrake, simple push-button control allows the driver to select the speed at which the converter clutch will engage and disengage; with the power off, the Commander or Co-Pilot reverts to factory control.