International to offer integrated reduced idle system

International Truck and Engine Corp. by spring will offer the International No Idle System – an integrated factory-installed idling reduction system that incorporates a fuel-fired coolant heater system and a self-contained electric air conditioning system powered by the operator’s choice of battery, auxiliary power unit (APU) or 110 volt AC shore power. Production is slated to begin in May 2006.

International estimates that by reducing idling time by five hours a day, an operator could save 1,450 to 1,650 gallons of fuel a year, depending on whether the battery or APU is used.

An external, chassis-mounted fuel-fired coolant heater supplies heat for the system and is integrated into the current controls for operating the truck’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The electric AC system is packaged under the bunk and accessible for maintenance from the right hand (passenger’s side) luggage compartment door. The coolant heater provides 17,000 BTUs an hour of heating, while the AC system provides 4,000 BTUs an hour of air conditioning.

Components are protected from the environment by being placed inside the cab or installed in their own corrosion-resistant enclosure.