Truck technicians can test their skills online

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Thomson Delmar Learning, a provider of educational resources, has launched its “Comprehensive Skill Assessment Tool” for truck technicians, an online product designed to allow individual technicians to take tests that identify strengths and areas of needed improvement across several key trucking topic areas.

“The ‘Comprehensive Skill Assessment Tool’ is essential for any training manager,” says Kristen Davis, product development manager for the technology professional business unit of Thomson Delmar Learning. “It measures the technical skill level of individuals, and when compared against an organization’s ‘ideal’ it will create a true skill gap analysis. Combined with training solutions, and the reutilization of the tool post-training, training managers can track skill level development and prove out the return on investment against their training dollars invested.”

According to Thomson Delmar Learning, all assessment questions have been reviewed by qualified test-writing experts to ensure that they are presented in a manner that guarantees that when answered properly, individuals demonstrate skills, ability and knowledge that establish a benchmark of competency.

This online tool is designed to benefit individual technicians and business owners alike: Technicians can demonstrate their strengths while learning what areas need improvement; and shop and business owners can ascertain the skills of their technicians and place the right person on the right job, and then implement training programs to address individual technician needs and support business goals.

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