Five fleets add Iteris Lane Departure Warning technology

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Iteris, a provider of outdoor vision systems and sensors that optimize the flow of traffic and enhance driver safety, has announced its Lane Departure Warning (LDW) technology will be installed on new trucks purchased by five commercial truck fleets across the country. Two of the five fleets also will be retrofitting existing trucks in their fleets with LDW.

These five fleets have more than 1,100 trucks between them, increasing the total number of fleets specifying Iteris LDW systems to 24 with an estimated combined fleet size of 10,300 trucks. Additionally, another 47 fleets with an estimated combined fleet size of more than 100,000 trucks currently are testing the Iteris LDW system.

“We are excited to see the traction LDW is gaining in the commercial truck market,” says Bill Patrolia, director of truck sales for Anaheim, Calif.-based Iteris. “U.S. fleets are recognizing the safety and financial benefits associated with LDW, and that has translated into additional orders — while driver feedback, based on surveys performed by existing fleet customers, continues to be positive.”

The five fleets include:

  • Pohl Transportation, headquartered in Versailles, Ohio, which has a current fleet of 115 trucks. Pohl purchased 24 new Freightliners with the Iteris LDW technology expected to be installed by April 2006. The company also plans to specify Iteris LDW on all new trucks the company orders.
  • Woodfield Inc., based in Camden, Ark., which has a current fleet of 132 and has ordered 25 new Freightliner trucks with the Iteris LDW system. Woodfield plans to purchase additional Iteris LDW units in spring 2006 to retrofit trucks currently in their fleet.
  • Alan Ritchie Inc., based in Valley View, Texas, which has a current fleet of about 275 trucks and has been transporting mail for the U.S. Postal Service since 1963. The company has ordered 16 Iteris LDW units to retrofit some recently purchased Freightliner trucks, with plans to specify Iteris LDW on all new trucks ordered.
  • Overnight Express, a St. Paul, Minn.-based national carrier with 300 trucks, which has been testing LDW since August 2005 and with a recent order anticipates having 34 units deployed by the end of February 2006.
  • O&S Trucking, a truckload carrier based in Springfield, Mo., with a current fleet of 350 trucks. O&S recently completed testing of the Iteris LDW system and has indicated it now is ordering it for all trucks assigned to new drivers as they complete an eight-week training program designed for “entry-level drivers,” and to recent graduates of accredited truck driving schools.
  • LDW is designed to prevent sideswipe, run-off-road and inadvertent lane change accidents that usually are caused by driver drowsiness, fatigue or distraction. The system uses a windshield-mounted camera that tracks lane markings using image recognition software and monitors the relative position of the truck within the lane. If the truck inadvertently crosses the lane markings, the system automatically emits a distinctive rumble-strip sound, alerting the driver to make a correction, according to Iteris.

    “The truck market has initially become early adopters of the LDW technology as transportation companies and heavy-truck manufacturers have begun to recognize the value of the Iteris LDW system,” says Jack Johnson, chief executive officer of Iteris. “We believe the progress the company has made in creating this market and our continued success in signing up new fleet and OEM customers provides us with the basis for a great opportunity in the near and long term.”