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Workhorse-International diesel combo

Workhorse-International diesel combo
Workhorse Custom Chassis has marked the production start of its first diesel chassis with an International diesel engine. The W42 Workhorse chassis uses the International VT 275 4.5L diesel V6 engine with 200 hp and 440 lb.-ft. of torque. The diesel W42 comes with GVWR options of 10,000, 12,000 and 14,500 lbs., with wheelbases of 125, 133, 157, 178 and 190 inches. Enhancements, according to Workhorse, include state-of-the-art, high-performance Brembo four-wheel disc brakes; and a Westport Wide Track I-Beam front axle with a full 50-degree wheel cut.

Workhorse says the International VT 275’s dual-staged turbocharging system provides excellent acceleration for a diesel engine. It uses a small turbo for quick, low-speed responsiveness and a second, larger turbo for power at higher rpms. The International Electro-Hydraulic Generation Two (G2) fuel injection system is engineered to deliver higher injection pressures with precise control, which enhances performance, fuel economy and emissions control. At the same time, four valves per cylinder boost airflow for reduced emissions and optimum fuel efficiency, according to Workhorse. The engine has a 250,000-mile lifecycle design, and more accessible cartridge-style fuel and oil filters should simplify maintenance, the company says.
Workhorse Custom Chassis

Classy city tractor
Hino Trucks has joined with Fontaine Modification to introduce a Class 7 city tractor version of its Model 338 straight truck. The single-axle tractor is powered by Hino’s 260 HP J-Series engine and features choices of two wheelbases (144-inch WB/76.6-inch CA or 151-inch WB/83.6-inch CA), an Allison 3300 RDS automatic transmission and Meritor 21,000-pound rear axle with Hendrickson air suspension or 23,000-pound rear axle with spring suspension. The package includes the specified wheelbase, tractor/trailer brake and electrical connections, optional vertical exhaust, tapered rear frame, back-of-cab access, a Fontaine fifth wheel and Fleetline spray suppression components including stainless-steel quarter fenders, mudflap brackets and mudflaps. Wabco trailer ABS control and a single air horn also are standard. The truck will be a Hino data book option offered with standard warranty provisions.
Hino Trucks

Better auxiliary power
RigMaster has announced several product options and upgrades for its 2006 model auxiliary power unit. A larger-capacity cooling pan, an enhanced cooling system and controller software upgrades were designed to reduce preventative maintenance costs; and a universal mounting system – to improve compatibility with all Class 8 models – and a factory-installed integral muffler should reduce installation time by 15 percent, the company says. Available upgrades include a 13 hp Caterpillar engine; automatic low-voltage battery monitoring for the unit’s Auto Start option; date and time programming for Auto Start; and automatic temperature control startup/shutdown.
RigMaster Power Corp.

Super truck reefer units
Carrier Transicold has introduced three diesel-powered truck refrigeration units – the Supra 650, 750 and 850 – designed for protection of perishable and frozen food and other refrigerated cargo in medium to large trucks. The units are built within a contemporary housing that reduces sound levels by nearly half compared to previous models, Carrier says. The acoustically designed housing, manufactured using a composite material for added damage resistance and easier cleaning, includes a bottom panel engineered to improve sound quality. According to Carrier, the design also makes maintenance easier by allowing basic service inspections without having to open doors or remove panels: The operator now can check engine oil, engine coolant and refrigerant level without opening the unit. Handles attached to the frame on both sides provide secure, convenient grips for service technicians. Supra units use the CT3-44 TriVortex diesel engine and either a 2-cylinder or 4-cylinder compressor, depending on the model of the unit. All units in the series are controlled by the Cab Command microprocessor with an in-cab digital readout, and all have an electric standby motor option for reduced noise and exhaust emissions at the loading dock and for compliance with applicable environmental regulations.
Carrier Transicold

Test your battery, alternator
VDC Electronics says its BatteryMinder Battery and Alternator Condition Tester works with the simple press of a button. The unit’s multicolored LED indicators are designed to respond to the battery’s voltage; with the engine on, a press of the test button indicates whether the alternator is putting out enough voltage to charge the battery. Model 12104, designed to work with all size and type 12-volt batteries, is waterproof and small enough to fit on the top or side of even the smallest battery, the company says; the unit draws no power until the test button is pressed. To install, use the supplied marine-grade Velcro to attach the tester’s two wire connections to the battery’s post screws or clamps.
VDC Electronics

Hooked on pintle hooks
Holland USA has announced the release of the PH-210, PH-310 and PH-410 Series Pintle Hooks, designed to offer customers lighter weight, more durable designs. All feature a one-hand latch operation with an automatic secondary lock and no chains or cotter pins: The stronger latch is designed for more resistance to dirt and snow. Additionally, all three models have air chamber options with different plunger rod lengths, and are available without the air chamber and plunger or with the plunger alone and no air chamber. They can be used as an air-cushioned pintle hook or as a standard rigid pintle hook without the air cushion.
Holland USA

Learn to drive defensively
J. J. Keller & Associates has developed Eye on Defensive Driving, a program designed to capture drivers’ attention and enlist their active participation in building critical defensive driving skills. The program covers a variety of topics, including seeing and being seen; having heightened awareness; managing speed and space; and maintaining the right attitude. A 45-minute closed-captioned video – available on DVD or VHS – uses a hazard perception challenge format that presents “through the windshield” driving scenarios and challenges viewers with “what did you see”/”what would you do next” questions related to critical defensive driving topics. The program also includes 11 driver booklets and a trainer’s guide that includes correct answers to the challenge questions.
J.J. Keller & Associates