PuraDYN: Private carrier goes 1.5 million miles without engine overhaul

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PuraDYN Filter Technologies Inc. says that a truck carrier has gone over the 1.5-million-mile mark on several of its Class 8 trucks equipped with Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines without an overhaul, using the puraDYN bypass oil filtration system. The trucks are owned by a privately owned, over-the-road trucking company with a fleet of more than 250 large and medium trucks, all equipped with the puraDYN system, according to the company.

PuraDYN says a major oil corporation, whose synthetic oil has been used by the truck carrier for the duration of the 1.5 million miles, conducted the teardown of the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine as part of an evaluation of its oil on the engine condition and performance. At more than 1.5 million miles, the truck had not had an engine overhaul and showed that the rod and main bearings still were in good condition with minimal engine wear due to puraDYN micro-fine filtration, and the use of a premium oil.

PuraDYN didn’t name the truck carrier nor the oil corporation in its press statement.

“Going 1.5 million miles without an overhaul on the Series 60 speaks volumes for the service program this truck carrier has in place and shows that using the puraDYN bypass oil filtration system with a premium oil can greatly improve the bottom line of any Class 8 fleet,” says Kevin G. Kroger, president and chief operating officer of Boynton Beach, Fla.-based puraDYN. “Today, most engine manufacturers recommend engine overhauls at approximately one million miles at an estimated cost ranging anywhere from as low as $7,500 to as high as $9,500 for a typical, in-the-chassis overhaul. The ability to extend the life of the engine well beyond one million miles is significant and can translate into substantial savings.

“Also, resale value is of critical importance when justifying the purchase price of a vehicle,” Kroger says. “While most fleets typically will sell a truck before the one-million-mile mark, residual selling prices are usually affected by the fact that the next buyer will be looking at a complete overhaul. Maintaining the engine at peak performance up to 1.5 million miles and beyond will positively drive used equipment value for both buyer and seller.”

The truck carrier’s oil change intervals before using the puraDYN system were conducted at 20,000 miles, but since installation of the system, interval changes for oil and both the full flow and puraDYN replacement filters currently are conducted at 60,000 miles, according to puraDYN.