Gates introduces FleetRunner Micro-V serpentine belt

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Gates’ FleetRunner Micro-V belt is designed to increase service life and resist belt failures due to the effects of high-heat-producing engines and constant flexing. A patented blend of elastomers helps the Gates Green Stripe serpentine engine belt to retain its flexibility on drives where extended high operating temperatures cause other belts to harden, crack and ultimately fail.

Gates’ new belt also is built to resist cracking and premature breakage, as the belt constantly flexes while turning over multiple pulleys on the serpentine drive system. Fibers built into the belt and precisely ground ribs help improve stability and lessen premature failures due to drive misalignment. According to Gates, the belt maintains excellent tensile strength and adhesion to reinforcement that contribute to increased load-carrying capacity.

The company says the FleetRunner Micro-V belt will further prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs when used with Gates DriveAlign tensioners. Built with a round torsional spring, Gates’ heavy-duty tensioners, with long-wearing steel pulleys, are designed to reduce vibration and shock to the drive system, thus extending belt change intervals. According to Gates, the universal fit of the tensioners matches the OEM design and provides maximum coverage with minimal inventory – 21 part numbers will cover more than 500 heavy-duty aftermarket applications.

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