Innovative Computing adds GUI option

Innovative Computing Corp. announced the introduction of a new convertible user interface option that gives each user the ability to toggle at will between a new graphical user interface (GUI) and Innovative’s text-based interface. With this change will come the addition of GUI versions of Innovative’s existing FleetRx and Innovative Enterprise Software systems.

The CUI option is scheduled for a phased release beginning with the FleetRx Maintenance Module in the second quarter of 2006. This will continue with CUI being added to Innovative Enterprise Software, including the Internet-based IES Access and IES Access Plus, in the third quarter of 2006.

Ernie Betancourt, Innovative’s chief executive officer, says that Innovative customers get to keep the stability of the IBM iSeries platform and text screen efficiency, but have the option of a graphical user interface via CUI. “By being convertible, our customers and their users have the option to decide how they want to work,” Betancourt says. “This is really the best of both worlds.”

By using a thin client like application, mission-critical software will remain on the iSeries box with the users working through a familiar browser: This keeps the processing effort on the shoulders of the iSeries workhorse, but also gives Innovative users the added option of a graphical interface, allowing customers to work with their existing PC hardware.

Users looking for more ways to view their data will have additional options via Innovative’s CUI enhancement, the company says: Users will be able to view their FleetRx and IES information directly within other PC-based applications such as word processing, e-mail and spreadsheet programs.

Being independent of a pure Windows environment, the CUI option allows greater flexibility in operating systems, Innovative says: Carriers will have the option of selecting from either Linux or Windows. “By avoiding an exclusive Windows option, Innovative’s customers have the option of continuing in greater safety from hackers and viruses,” says Kokesh Kadakia, Innovative’s vice president and chief information officer.

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