Let courts settle cargo claims

Teamsters are campaigning for legislation in coastal states and in Washington to stop overweight intermodal containers at ports. Drivers who are handed overweight containers have to return to lines at a terminal to wait, without compensation for their time, says Jim Stewart of the union’s port division. The Teamsters want terminal operators to pay a $500 fine for every overweight container they hand off and to pay for any red-tagging, unloading and repacking the trucker deems necessary. The union also seeks $100 per hour in compensation for trucker delays.

Kenneth MacKay, a former certified third-party tester for the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, pled guilty in federal court to making false statements related to certificates he issued for more than 900 applicants of commercial drivers licenses, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General. A federal investigation found that MacKay conspired with the proprietors of now-defunct A&K Truck Driving School to falsely certify students as qualified on driving and
skills tests.

Texas State Attorney General’s office, in conjunction with the office of El Paso County Attorney José Rodr