ULSD labeling requirements for central refueling facilities begin June 1

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Trucking companies that use in-house central refueling operations must comply with federal diesel fuel labeling requirements in connection with the transition to ultra-low-sulfur diesel, according to the American Trucking Associations.

Although most ULSD downstream requirements begin this October, the labeling requirements mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency begin June 1, ATA says. After that date, companies must ensure that their diesel pumps are labeled with either the 15 ppm sulfur label or the 500 ppm sulfur label. Failure to comply could subject a facility to a maximum fine of $32,500 per day of violation.

Any service station that sells diesel fuel that has a higher sulfur content than ULSD must affix labels to their pumps with the warning that the higher sulfur fuel “may damage model year 2007 and later highway vehicles” and that “Federal law prohibits use in these vehicles.” Pumps dispensing ULSD also must be labeled. At each retail outlet, consumers must check the pump label to ensure that they are refueling with the proper type of diesel fuel for their vehicle.