Chevron’s new oil won’t replace the old

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At least in Chevron’s case, the new CJ-4 spec oil won’t mean the end of CI-4 Plus. The company has announced that, in addition to launching its new Delo- and Ursa-branded CJ-4 motor oils in October of this year, it will continue to offer its CI-4 Plus products.

The reason? Although backward-compatible, CJ-4 likely will be more expensive than CI-4 Plus and will not be required for off-road use or pre-2007 engines, leading Chevron to believe there will be continued demand for the older spec.

The company also disclosed the names of its new CJ-4 products: Delo 400 LE (low emissions) 15W-40, and Texaco Ursa LA (low ash) 15W-40.