GeocoMtms advances route planning with predictive traffic flow data

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GeocoMtms, a global provider of fleet management solutions for local pickup and delivery, announced that it is licensing key technology to improve its A.Maze Fleet Management platform. The company has signed a comprehensive licensing agreement with LandSonar, a supplier of network-delivered predictive traffic products, for its LandSonar Predictive Speed.

“For most fleet operators, efficiency, timely pickup and stated delivery are an absolute requirement,” says Michael Nark, president and chief executive officer of Atlanta-based GeocoMtms. “These operators have to perform within strict time windows set by their customers despite the challenges of rush hour causing unpredictable delays. A.Maze Planning, a component of A.Maze Fleet Management, helps companies avoid delays by leveraging the traffic information provided by LandSonar to create routes that meet all time-specific service requirements. The combination of LPS with the best-in-class capabilities of A.Maze Planning mean GeocoMtms customers will have the most accurate route planning solution on the market.”

LPS expresses forecasts of traffic speed on most roads in the continental United States integrated into Navteq and Tele Atlas map data. It is designed to provide accurate, complete traffic pattern and speed information at the road-segment level by time of day and day of week. When used in A.Maze, it enables GeocoMtms clients to consider real-world traffic speeds when developing daily routing and scheduling plans hours, days or weeks in advance.

“Our solutions go to the heart of ensuring efficient, appropriate use of fleet resources,” said Jonathan Hubbard, chief executive officer and co-founder of San Francisco-based LandSonar. “Successful route planning is key to these objectives and requires accurate speed forecasts. We all know that posted speed limits aren’t what really happens. Real speeds and routes mean real dollars in customer satisfaction, time savings and efficiency. Only LandSonar can accurately forecast traffic for all the roads GeocoMtms customers drive.”