Qualcomm introduces DataVisor business intelligence platform

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Qualcomm, a provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, has announced the availability of a server-based business intelligence platform designed for the transportation and logistics marketplace.

The DataVisor platform initially is designed for use with Qualcomm’s SensorTracs/400 performance monitoring application and, over time, will integrate data from a wide variety of Qualcomm applications and external data sources. This initial version of the DataVisor platform is designed to enhance the SensorTracs application by providing data in a format that is easier to use for trend tracking, for identifying top performers and to make better business decisions.

“Qualcomm customers asked for a more robust mechanism for interpreting business data, and we are pleased to respond and offer our customers a powerful platform that will help them operate more effectively in a highly competitive industry and better translate the data they receive each day into operational excellence,” says Norm Ellis, vice president and general manager of transportation and logistics for San Diego-based Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions. “The DataVisor platform gives businesses the added edge they need for success.”

Transportation and logistics businesses receive large amounts of data that can be difficult to interpret, manage and use effectively. The DataVisor platform is designed to enable companies of all sizes to have a flexible, scalable, centralized data warehouse where they can quickly and easily access and manage the information that they need. Individuals throughout the company can customize the way that they view data and use standard reports included in the platform, or easily create and save personalized reports to help make important business decisions, according to Qualcomm.

The DataVisor platform improves business intelligence by providing a simpler and more effective way to access, manage and analyze data using a Web browser, the company says; users can produce more sophisticated and detailed analysis of SensorTracs application data to help improve everything from fuel and driver management through pinpointing excess idling to identifying important business trends. For more information, go to www.qualcomm.com.